2022 Hyundai Accent. Humble, but with ambition

It’s hard to call the new budget car market empty. We mean a new car for $15,000, with a good basic package, and we don’t mean cars developed in the last century at new prices. Hyundai has been showing the ability to survive in the toughest market conditions for about thirty years and one of its cars, the Hyundai Accent 2022 model year will give for its money what others are not able to give.

New Hyundai Accent 2022: steadily inexpensive, steadily not ashamed


No, you can’t call the new Accent an ascetic at all. All the same, it is a modern car with good basic equipment and finalized for 2022 design. And it is a pleasant reminder that four-door sedans are not going to give up a place under the sun to crossovers yet. And if you want a new, modern, spacious car for cheap, the Hyundai Accent 2022 will fully meet those requirements.

Hyundai Accent 2019

Hyundai Accent 2022 Highs:

  • modern, fresh design that doesn’t get lost in the city traffic;
  • pretty, but not obtrusive;
  • excellent basic equipment;
  • spacious and quiet interior;
  • two engines and two transmissions to choose from, plus three configurations.

Wats wrong with Hyundai Accent 2022:

  • there is only one body – so far they offer the non-alternative sedan;
  • no diesels are expected;
  • noisy motors at high RPM;
  • not the most economical in class;
  • it is clearly not an image car.

Hyundai Accent 2022 in any complete set has nothing against being compared with Sonata or Elantra, and hexagonal grille, memorable optics, muscular stamps on body panels even refer us to big crossovers of the brand. It is not bad; the corporate style is good, if not too much. Isn’t it true, Audi?

Hyundai Accent 2022: Motors and Features


The new Accent lost a little weight due to the use of light-alloy materials in the structure of the power frame but added 15% in body rigidity. In short, the weight of the new sedan is about 1100 kg. For the familiar 1.4-liter atmospheric Kappa MPI motor with 100 horsepower and 133 Nm of torque, it is not such an impossible burden.

Maximum torque is available from 4,000 rpm, and the sedan with this motor and six-speed gearbox accelerates to a hundred in 12 seconds. Not a Ferrari, of course, but with a fuel consumption of about 5 liters in the mixed cycle, the dynamics can be sacrificed.


The second engine, available in all trims, is the Gamma 1.6 MPi. Its output is 123 horsepower at a maximum 6,300 rpm and 151 N-m of torque available from 4,850 rpm. This motor with a 6-MCP will accelerate a car up to a hundred for 10 seconds. Thus the passport fuel consumption is almost at the same level as that of Hyundai Accent with 1,4-motor – about 8 liters in a city, in the mixed mode about 5 liters per one hundred.

Both motors, by the way, are not squeamish about 92-meter gasoline and have nothing against conversion to gas equipment. The Hyundai Accent will be more voracious on gas, but given the price of gas at gas stations, it can be forgiven.

The new automatic transmission with 6 gears is a bit thoughtful, unless the Sport mode is switched on. In this case the car wakes up quickly, clearly responds to the acceleration, is more dynamic, but the fuel consumption, of course, grows. However, on the highway such a mode of driving is quite appropriate – the overtaking dynamics is at a level, even with five passengers the sedan accelerates dynamically and confidently.

There are practically no changes to the chassis. In front there are the same McPherson struts with slightly modified settings, in rear – budget torsion beam of semi-independent type. In spite of simplicity of suspension, it works very well and stabilizes the car after passing irregularities for a split second.

True, there is an opinion that it would be nice to make the shock absorber struts a little bit softer and then the driving on our city roads would be more comfortable. But we are dealing with a budget car, to which you can forgive a lot for the price.

2022 Hyundai Accent interior, cargo, and equipment


Almost everything in the interior is familiar from the pre-styled Hyundai Accent. There are well thought-out ergonomics and familiar design. Nevertheless, in 2022 you can buy an Accent with a multimedia system with Apple Car Play and Android Auto support and a multifunction steering wheel. The interior trim materials seem simple, at least in the base, but they are quite practical. As for the minuses, the seats lack side support, and an armrest on the rear seat would be nice.

The trunk is quite roomy, about 400 liters. The rear backrest of the seat folds out in the 40/60 ratio, which allows you to carry long loads if necessary. The trunk lid is equipped with an automatic drive function, which is not found in other budget cars. Spacious interior due to the increased wheelbase (2581 mm), and the total length of the body is 4384 mm. There is room for three adult passengers in back, though, probably it will be cramped in legs. But the ceiling won’t press, there is enough space on top.

The front seats are height and position adjustable (the top one is electric), and the steering column is adjustable in both reach and height, so you can always find a comfortable position. Phone charging ports are provided in the base, and the multimedia has both USB and Aux ports.

There are plenty of storage systems in the cabin – a box for glasses above the windshield, niches, pockets, and drawers for various small things. In the door cards there are cup holders and spaces for small items.

Hyundai Accent 2022 Features and Prices


Hyundai Accent 2019

The most inexpensive base-level Active+ is equipped with all safety systems (ABS, ESP), the system of motion stabilization VSM, the system of start under the hill HAC, and the system of automatic emergency braking.

The basic comfort features include:

  • heated front seats;
  • electrically heated side mirrors;
  • air conditioning;
  • tire pressure sensor;
  • heated rear window;
  • outside temperature indicator.

Also available in base are fog lights, halogen headlights, an extra brake light on the rear window, a full-size spare tire and body-color paint on handles, bumpers and mirrors. Base Hyundai Accent 2022 comes with a 1.4-liter atmospheric engine and 6-MCP. You have to pay extra for the automatic.

Hyundai Accent 2019

The two top versions (Comfort and Comfort+) come with 6-ACP and with 1,4 or 1,6 motors to choose from. The Comfort variant costs from $18,000 (1.4 DOHC and automatic), and for top Hyundai Accent in Comfort+ variant the officers ask from $22,000. It comes with a 1.6-liter motor and automatic.

The top-of-the-line sedan has all-LED headlights, 17-inch alloy wheels, light and rain sensors, a rearview camera, keyless entry, and a number of other tricks.

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