Ball joint replacement on Mitsubishi Outlander XL. Which one is better, prices
Ball joint replacement on Mitsubishi Outlander XL. Which one is better, prices

Ball joint replacement on Mitsubishi Outlander XL. Which one is better, prices

The front suspension on the Mitsubishi Outlander XL is quite durable. On our beautiful roads silentblocks can withstand even 100-110 thousand kilometers of run. Replacement of ball joint on Mitsubishi Outlander may be necessary a little earlier, although their service life is not regulated by anything. We’ll show you how to change the ball joints with your own hands quickly and without mistakes.

When to change a ball joints in Mitsubishi Outlander XL

As mentioned above, there can be no clear timetable for replacing the ball joint, because everyone has different operating conditions, different roads and driving style. And it strongly influences the service life of suspension. But it is necessary to check the condition of the ball joint regularly, at least once in 30-40 thousand km of run or once a year-semiannually.

Front suspension knocking Mitsubishi Outlander XL does not always indicate ball bearing wear. There is something to rattle – the silent blocks (on Outlander first wear out the rear silent block), and the wheel bearings, and the strut support bearings, stabilizer sway bars.

шаровая опора мицубиси
Because of wear and tear, the ball joint pressed out of the lever. This is not far from an accident.

The first thing you should pay close attention to is the condition of the ball joint dust cover. If there is a crack, tear, scoring or cut, it is likely that the bearing has already served its time. Leaky dust cover lets in dust, water and road reagents, which work as an abrasive inside the ball bearing.

In addition, the ball stud is corroded, the bearing liner is worn, and the lubricant is washed out. A ball joint with such a dust cover should definitely be replaced. 

опора мицубиси
All the grease washed out of the ball joint, the ball stud is corroded, there is a clear play – the bearing must be replaced.

In normal mode, a good ball joint is able to last up to 90-100 thousand km, and sometimes even more.

It is easy to check the ball joint. It is enough to suspend the car, insert the mounting spade between the lower lever and the knuckle, and then gently rock it with a tire iron. If even a minimal play is noticed, the ball joint must be replaced.

What’s the best ball joint for Mitsubishi Outlander XL 

According to the book the ball joints of Mitsubishi Outlander XL are replaced along with the lever and silent blocks. The cost of such replacement is quite immodest. 

The most inexpensive arm assembly was priced at $120 (JAPANPARTS (Italy), part number BS-528R). By the way, the same lever is installed on the Lancer X and ASX.

рычаг в сборе мицубиси
Mitsubishi Outlander XL lever assembly. It costs anywhere from $50 to $150. Not bad.

Parts makers understand that not everyone is willing to pay $50 to $150 for a worn ball joint. That’s why both ball joints and silent blocks are available separately. 

Ball joint parameters on the Mitsubishi Outlander XL:

  • The Ball stud thread is M16x1.5.
  • The seat diameter is 40 mm.
  • The dimensions of the dust boot are 20×38×31 mm.

The most popular ball joint for the Mitsubishi Outlander XL is considered a 555 ball joint with catalog number SB 7872. The price is about $30 apiece. The ball joints are good, but their dust shields are not so good.

In addition to her good demand are:

  • Мasuma MB-7872;
  • Febest 0420-CU;
  • CTR CBM36;
  • Profit 23010465;
  • Jakoparts J4865015;
  • Meyle 32160100025;
  • 7305528 Ashika;
  • CIBJ10658 от Moog.

When selecting a ball joint, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the dust cover and the package. A decent manufacturer will always pack a spare bolt and retaining ring in the box with the support. But the dust cover is more important than anything else. Judging by the reviews, the Korean CTRs’ dust covers are not bad and are durable.

Changing the ball joints on Mitsubishi Outlander XL

We could really use a hydraulic press to replace the ball joint. If we don’t have it at our disposal, we will press it out with a spacer and a heavy hammer on a large vise.

To replace the ball joint, it is necessary to remove the lever, as it is inconvenient and it will take more time to press out on the installed lever. The first thing to do is to suspend the car and remove the wheel.

поднимаем машину

The next step is this.

  • Unscrew the upper ball stud bolt and the two bolts securing the arm to the subframe – the front horizontal bolt and the rear vertical bolt. It is advisable to treat the fasteners with a penetrating lubricant like WD40.
    откручиваем болты
  • Remove the lever, there is no need to unscrew anything else, it is easy to remove.
  • Check the condition of the silent blocks and replace them if necessary.
  • Remove the dust cover from the joint.
    снимаем пыльник
  • Use angle pliers to remove the retaining ring.
  • Knock out the old joint with a heavy hammer.
  • Lubricate the joint seat with grease. The caliper grease doesn’t dry out for long.

  • Remove the dust cover from the new part.
    новая опора
  • Carefully with the help of a spacer hammer the new ball joint into place.
  • Put the retaining ring on.
  • Use a mandrel to seat the duster, making sure that there is grease in.

Reassemble in the reverse order, remembering to lubricate the threaded joints with grease, so they do not stick and can be easily unscrewed in the future. Good work to all and strong suspensions.

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