Brake pads for Renault Megane 2: which are better, prices and part numbers

The replacement of brake pads on the Renault Megane Gen 2 is not regulated by the manufacturer. Replace the pads as they wear, and it can come as at 20-30 thousand miles, and at a mileage of 50 000 km. The selection of pads on Megane 2 is complicated by the fact that during the release of a second-generation car has changed a few bodies, collected at different plants, in addition, the size and part numbers depend on the type of engine. How to choose and replace the brake pads on the second Megan, we will understand right now.

When to change the brake pads on Megane II

The squeaking and whistling of the brake pads may not always be an indication of wear and tear. Rather, it is the wrong choice. It’s all about the material from which the friction lining is made. If the material does not comply with the technology of manufacture, and has foreign inclusions of hard metals, the squeaking even of new pads will be inevitable.

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The pads were clearly over their service life.

On a Megane II, pads can last up to 30,000 km on average. Their service life strongly depends on the condition of the braking system as a whole, on the quality of the pads, on the degree of wear of the brake disc, and on the driving style. Naturally, with an aggressive driving style, we press the brakes more often, so the pads wear out more intensively.

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Old and worn and new pads for Megan 2

The minimum recommended thickness of the lining for Renault Megane 2 is 4 mm, but you can not hope for the effectiveness of the brakes in this case, because the brake disc is also wearing out. In addition, there is a risk that under hard braking the piston will leave the cylinder and depressurize the system, which will lead to brake failure and pedal failure, brake fluid leaks from the cylinder.

Parameters and part numbers and prices of Megane II brake pads

The car has been restyled over the years and the parameters of the pads have also been changed several times. The changes are insignificant, nevertheless it is not recommended to install the pads that do not correspond to the catalog number.

For cars with 1.6 and 2L engines produced before 2006, pads with part numbers are suitable:

  • 410608713R;
  • 7701209444;
  • 410601241R;
  • 410608713R;
  • 7701206044;
  • 7701207184;
  • 7701207672.

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The price of original front brake pads for a second-generation Megan is $60 per set. In the box, most likely, there will be pads by Ferodo, Lucas/TRW or ATE.

The dimensions of pads for the front axle – 136.8×59.5×18.3 mm.

To replace the original, most often you buy cheaper pads REMSA 097600 (about $22), FERODO FDB1544 ($19), LPR 05P911 ($15) or German ATE with a part number 13046038152, price about $30.

There are very cheap Chinese pads FRANCECAR with a part number FCR210495 for the price about $7, but it is not recommended to put them – they make noise, dust and have a small resource.

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For cars with a 1.4-liter engine, the dimensions of the pad were 122.9×54.3×17.6 mm.

As you can see, the difference is quite significant. The pads for this modification are 410609192R, 7701207673, 770120773. The price of the original pads – is in the range of $40. A bit expensive, but they work very well.

Slightly worse are VALEO pads with article 301557 at the price of $25. For about the same price will cost BOSCH 0986424774, TEXTAR 2393401, or TRW (LUCAS) GDB1571.

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After 2006, the factory upgraded the model and the brake system in particular. Therefore, Megan 2 began to install German ATE pads with the article numbers 410601237R, 7701209670, 7711130086, 410600012R.

The main difference of pads of this series is that the right and left pads had different height and thickness.

Here are their dimensions – 156.3 (155.1)x66.4(68.8)x18 mm. The dimensions in parentheses are for the pad closest to the caliper.

Similar pads in this series are as follows:

  • LPR 05P1279;
  • REMSA 096210;
  • BOSCH 096200;
  • FERODO FDB1866;
  • BREMBO P68048;

Rear brake pads for Megan 2, prices and part numbers

Depending on the year of manufacture and modification, the rear pads could have different configurations. As a rule, this was due to the design of the handbrake – it could be mechanical or electric.

For the Megan 2 with a mechanical handbrake suitable original pads 440605713R, 440600295R, and for cars with electric handbrake need to buy pads with articles 440600364R, 440661332R, 440605839R.

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Similar and prices of Renault Megane 2 brake pads for cars with mechanical handbrake:

  • Remsa 0263.15;
  • LPR 05P294;
  • DELPHI LP571;
  • ABS 36623;
  • Trw/Lucas GDB823;
  • ZIMMERMANN, 235541501.

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For the second Megan with electronic handbrake suitable substitutes for the original pads:

  • TRW GDB823;
  • DELPHI LP565;
  • REMSA 026310;
  • ZIMMERMANN 235541701;
  • TEXTAR 2355402;
  • BREMBO P85017.
How to properly replace the rear pads on the Renault Megane and Scenic, we dealt with not so long ago.

Which pads are better for Renault Megane 2

On the composition and features of the choice of brake pads we have already told in detail in this material. Specifically for Renault Megane second generation most often prefer to buy either original pads, or the most well-known companies – ATE, Remsa or TRW. Depending on what kind of body in Megane, the requirements for pads may be different, and the driver may have their own preferences.

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For example, TRW pads are great for quiet riders. If the package does not have the index S, the pads have a lapping layer and work almost silently throughout their life. Pads with a specified index are made in China, and are much cheaper, but it is better not to risk the quality.

Even more often you can get Chinese-made pads Sangsin and NiBK. Francecar pads should be put only before sale or when there is no money at all, they do not run well, wear out quickly and emit a lot of dust when worn.

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