Dacia Duster: how to change and choose the rear brake shoes correctly
Dacia Duster: how to change and choose the rear brake shoes correctly

Dacia Duster: how to change and choose the rear brake shoes correctly

Dacia Duster of the second generation appeared on the market only this year. Despite some changes in design and interior design, the platform of the car remained the same, as well as the configuration. All scheduled and current maintenance is carried out in the normal mode. Servicing of the braking system is performed either according to the technical regulations, or according to the fact of wear and tear or malfunctions. Most often it is necessary to change the pads at the front, and the replacement of the rear shoes is carried out half as often. How to change them on the front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive Renault Duster, what are the articles and the price of consumables, what is the difference in shoes for Duster 4×2 and 4×4, we will understand right now.

When to change the brake shoes, signs of wear and tear

Rear wheel brake mechanism of Dacia Duster 4×4 car with removed drum: 1 – support bar; 2 – spring cup; 3 – pad pressure spring; 4 – front shoe; 5 – upper coupling spring; 6 – sliding bar with gap adjuster; 7 – wheel cylinder; 8 – rear brake shoe; 9 – adjuster spring; 10 – parking brake actuator lever; 11 – parking brake cable; 12 – lower coupling spring; 13 – brake shield.

The all-wheel drive Renault Duster has a rear independent multilink suspension, while the front-wheel drive version is equipped with a torsion beam semi-independent. As a consequence, there are differences in the location and attachment of the handbrake cable to the shoes.

It is important to take into account that the rear shoes on the Duster 4×2 and 4×4 differ in the mechanism of the handbrake brakes.

The minimum allowable internal diameter of the brake drum is 229.5 mm, while the new drum is rated at 228.5 mm.

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Maximum diameter is indicated on the drum

The routine replacement should be done every 60,000 km. However, you should keep in mind that shoe wear does not depend on the manufacturer’s instructions, but on the quality of the shoes, the degree of wear of the brake drum, our driving style. Therefore, mileage will not be an indicator of wear. The main signs of worn out rear shoes:

  1. Reduced braking efficiency.
  2. Noise, squeaking when braking.
  3. Long stroke of the handbrake lever.
  4. Vibrations when pressing the brake pedal, though it is more likely to indicate brake drum wear.

[stextbox id=’info’]To determine the wear, measure the thickness of the brake pad friction lining including the base. The thickness of a new shoe is 4.9 mm. The maximum allowable wear is 3.5 mm. If it is less than 4 mm, it must be replaced promptly.[/stextbox]

It is important to replace all four shoes of both wheels. Otherwise, the car may be pulled sideways when braking.

Choosing rear brake shoes for Duster, which is better

Duster 2×4 brake shoes selection, part numbers and prices for 2018:

  • 77 01 210 109, Renault original, manufacturer recommends them, although not necessarily better than any of the others below, the price for a set of about $90;
  • REMSA, part number 423700, inexpensive and not bad brake shoes, price $11;
  • Asam 30299, Romania, have one of the most attractive prices, not recommended for purchase due to design differences, require rework;
  • Bosch 0986487784 well known German firm, not a bad alternative to the original, if not fake, carefully check the authenticity, the probability of a fake is very high, the price of $32.
  • Ferodo FSB4031, USA, well-proven manufacturer of pads and brake systems, you can get a fake, check the quality of printing, the code on the box and the quality of performance pads, the price is $73.
  • Fenox BP53009, has a low price, does not require modifications, but the quality leaves much to be desired, we use when there is nothing at all at hand, the price is $ 28.
Rear wheel braking components: 1 – spring cup; 2 – pad pressure spring; 3 – support strut; 4 – front pad; 5 – upper coupling spring; 6 – wheel cylinder; 7 – spacer bar; 8 – regulator spring; 9 – rear shoe with parking brake lever; 10 – parking brake cable spring; 11 – lower coupling spring

Choice of Duster 4×4 brake shoes, articles, prices:

  • 44 06 074 93R Renault, $80;
  • 0986487774 Bosch, $38;
  • BP53002 Fenox, $22.

To replace it, you will need pliers, two flat-blade screwdrivers, and a TORX 40 bit.

How to change the rear brake shoes Duster 4×4

Replacement Procedure:

  • Lower the handbrake and secure the vehicle.
  • Check the brake fluid level; if it is at the MAX mark, pump out some of the fluid.
  • Loosen the wheel bolts.
  • Lift the rear of the car.
  • Remove the wheel bolts and the wheel.
  • Slip a screwdriver into the left upper seat of the wheel bolt. Feel for the gap adjuster ratchet nut there. Then turn it with the screwdriver from bottom to top.

  • Remove the two screws securing the drum to the hub. Use a TORX 40 bit. Often these screws get stuck, use an impact screwdriver to solve this problem.

  • Take off the drum.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the upper turnbuckle spring. To do this, hook it into the hook on the shoe.
  • Do the same procedure with the lower turnbuckle spring.
  • Use a screwdriver to pry open and remove the clearance adjuster spring.
  • Use a pair of pliers to unscrew the rear pad cup until the strut lug aligns with the cup groove.
  • Release the hole in the mechanism shield and remove the cup, spring and strut lug.
  • Pull the shoe aside.
  • Use a screwdriver to separate the parking brake lug from the shoe arm.
  • Remove the cable lug shoe and the cable lug spring.
  • Next unscrew the front shoe cup in the same manner as in step 12.
  • Remove the front shoe together with the clearance adjuster spacer bar by first removing the spring.

  • Check the brake cylinder for leaks. All parts should be defective. The unserviceable ones must be replaced (440265341r-repair kit part number)

  • Clean all dust and dirt from the brake components.
  • Lubricate the cup seats and ratchet mechanism with special grease, and apply grease between the shoe and brake shield as shown in the photo.
  • Install the new shoes in reverse order.

Replacing rear brake shoes Duster 4×2

When replacing in addition to the shoes, it is mandatory to purchase a self-locking nut. The required tool kit is the same as the all-wheel drive version, you will also need a 36 mm socket head for the hub nut.

Порядок замены:

  1. Put the pads on like a 4×4.
  2. Use a screwdriver to pry open and remove the hub cap.
  3. Unscrew the nut of the hub bearing with a 36 mm socket.
  4. Remove the drum together with the bearing.
  5. Further steps are made by analogy with the 4×4.

This way you can quickly replace the rear brake shoes on your Duster with your own hands. The price of replacing the pads in the service station will be about $50-70, so we saved exactly for a set of good pads. Have a great job and good brakes to everyone!

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