How to change the bumper on the Skoda Octavia II (A5): what is the best choice

Critical damage to the bumper on a Skoda Octavia II (A5) is extremely rare. The bumper can be repaired in most cases. However, such a possibility does not always exist. If the bumper has lost its geometry, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to restore it. How to choose a bumper Skoda Octavia Mk2, articles, prices, originals and substitutes, as well as ways to replace the front and rear bumper on Octavia II (A5) we will consider right now.

Front bumper Skoda Octavia II. Manufacturers, articles, prices.

Новый бампер на Октавию А5
New bumper for Octavia A5

Buying a new front bumper for your Octavia Mk2 (A5) is not a problem. The problem is that it costs a lot of money. The original bumper with Skoda catalog number 1Z0807221M and VAG logo will cost about $250 for 2019.

It is clear that if full replacement of the bumper is necessary, everyone will try to find either a used one from a salvage yard, or a new one, but of a third-party manufacturer. There are plenty of non-original front bumpers, but the quality is different:

  • The cheapest – Taiwan Tempest 0450518900, price $60, the quality of plastic leaves much to be desired;
  • The FPS with part number FP6409900 is slightly more expensive, it will go for $70;
  • The AND with part number 72807017 is well-reviewed, the dimensions are correct, the plastic quality is good, the price is $105;
  • BLIC 5510007521903Q, price about $100, lacquered, good plastic, geometry immaculate, with cutouts for installing fog lights, for the same price are offered several other configurations of the front bumper on the Skoda Octavia A5 2005-2012

Б/у передний бампер на Октавию А5 может стоить куда дешевле, но вероятность скрытых повреждений, естественно, растет.

A used front bumper on an Octavia A5 can cost a lot less, but the chance of hidden damage naturally increases.

Rear bumper Skoda Octavia Mk2 (A5): price, part numbers


Новый бампер на Октавию А5

The original rear bumper on the Octavia A5 with VAG part number 1Z5807417 will cost $280-290 for 2019. The quality is factory, great plastic and full geometry match, but the price makes you look for something cheaper. There are also a number of rear bumper manufacturers on the market for pre-2012 Octavia A5s:

  • BLIC 5506007521954P, $160;
  • ELIT 1Z5807421T, $55;
  • FPS FP6407953, $43;
  • Tempest 0450517950, about $35.

Новый бампер на Октавию А5

An original used rear bumper can be purchased for $120-200 for 2019.

Replacement front bumper on Skoda Octavia II (A5) with your own hands


With tools and minimal experience, replacing the front bumper on Octavia Mk2 (A5) will take no more than an hour. Only a flat-tipped screwdriver, Torx T25 and T30 bits will come in handy for the job. To begin, open the hood and remove the minus terminal from the battery.

Меняем передний бампер на Шкода Октавия А5

To replace the bumper, you will have to partially disassemble the underlid, which consists of two parts.

Меняем передний бампер на Шкода Октавия А5

To remove it, unscrew the three screws on each side that secure the underliner to the bumper. After that, unscrew two screws on each side of the lower mount. Then proceed as follows:

Меняем передний бампер на Шкода Октавия А5

Remove the self-tapping screws from the three pistons that fix the bumper to the armature.

Меняем передний бампер на Шкода Октавия А5

With a flat screwdriver pick up the pistons and remove them, and then pull out two pistons on the left and right. Carefully pull the bumper toward you, disconnect the power to the fog lights. The bumper can be removed by carefully translating it to yourself so as not to damage the paint.

How to remove the rear bumper on Skoda Octavia Mk2 (A5) with your own hands


To remove the rear bumper on Octavia II (A5) it is also necessary to remove the taillights, so before starting the work reset the minus terminal from the battery. Open the trunk and find one hatch in the area of each light. The hatch is fixed with a twist lock. Turn it a quarter of a turn and take out the hatch.


Under it we find the lamp unit retainer. Press it and take out the lamp unit from the taillight. Unscrew the four nuts fixing the lamp clamp and remove it, and then you can proceed to the dismantling of the bumper.



Unscrew the nine screws securing the rear wheel fender liner and remove the liner from the wheel arch.


At the bottom of the bumper is attached to the armature with four screws. Unscrew them. Now remove part of the trunk liner and unscrew the two bolts fixing the bumper to the fenders on each side.


From the recess for the taillights, press the retainer for the decorative rear bumper liner. Remove the plates. It remains to remove two screws fixing the rear bumper to the body on each side.

Carefully remove the rear bumper, taking care not to damage the body paint.

Как снять задний бампер на Шкода Октавия А5

Bumpers are installed in reverse order.


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