Cabin air filter for Ford Focus 2: replacement without removing the acceleration pedal

Some drivers consider the cabin filter on the Ford Focus 2 useless, motivating it by the already normal air circulation. They do not think about the fact that through the windows comes gassed masses, as the car is surrounded by clubs of exhaust. And not just gases. Dust from worn pads and clutch frictions, particles of rubber, bacteria and microorganisms, all this penetrates into the salon freely. Changing the cabin air filter on the Ford Focus 2 is a necessary operation, because comfort and microclimate in the cabin depend on it.

When to change the cabin filter of the Ford Focus II

The more often the better. According to the operating conditions, the cabin filter should be changed after 15,000-20,000 km. With frequent travel on dusty highways, the mileage can be reduced by one and a half or two times. Without looking back at mileage, there are other signs that tell you when you need to change the filter. These are:

  • poor airflow in the passenger compartment;
  • the unpleasant smell appears inside the car when the air comes in;
  • a large amount of dust appears when the fan is switched on;
  • excessive fogging of windows.
фокус 2 фильтр
Old clogged cabin filter

[stextbox id=’vajno1′]IMPORTANT: No gauges will help you determine the degree of clogging of the cabin filter – it can only be done visually. Therefore, you should be guided by the mileage and the above-mentioned signs.[/stextbox]

Which cabin filter is better for Focus Mk2

When you have to change the cabin filter, the new part should already be available. You can find it for replacement at car markets, in car dealers, and on specialized Internet resources.

фильтр манн

It is better to buy one of these filters to install on the Ford Focus 2:

  1. Bosch, catalog number 1987432413, a Standard filter endowed with a fiber structure. The purification percentage is close to ideal – 98%, and it retains bacteria, soot, dust, and dirt. The second type of parts has activated carbon, which additionally neutralizes odors and cinders. Priced from $9 Standard and $12 Combined.
  2. Mann-Filter, code CUK2440, is capable of trapping up to 95% of dust and other contaminants thanks to a special pleating technology. Charcoal located in the material acts as a catcher. The cost of the part starts at $15.
  3. Denso, part number DCF348K, offers 2 types of cabin filters – dust and combined, equally capable of trapping the smallest particles of pollution along with bacteria and soot. The second type neutralizes unpleasant odors and gives a degree of purification higher by 25% due to the presence of activated charcoal. The price range is $10 to $15.
  4. TSN, code 9710, from the moskovian company Citron, shows terrible cleaning. The claimed performance of 98% is totally unconfirmed. Cost from $3, but it is better to look for another one.
  5. Filtron, part number K1150A, provides high-clearance air with a filter baffle and electrostatically charged fibers that allow small contaminant particles to adhere to the material. The starting price is from $13.

It is best to choose the original Ford Focus 2 cabin filter, its number is 1354953. But as with any OE (original equipment) part, the price is not happy and starts from 28 dollars.

Dimensions of the original filter:

  1. Length, mm – 233;
  2. Width, mm – 210;
  3. Height, mm – 35.

How to change the cabin filter of a Ford Focus 2 without removing the acceleration pedal

Experienced drivers suggest two options for replacement. Changing the filter without removing the gas pedal seems impossible for most car owners. Although there is nothing supernatural about it and the procedure can be performed by yourself.

схема замены
Classic scheme for the cabin filter replacement, 2008 Ford Focus

Algorithm of replacement:

  1. Lie down in the cabin on the left side facing the seat.
    болт кассеты
  2. Screw the three self-tapping screws with a 7 mm wrench – the bottom one with the right hand and the top two with the left hand.
  3. Remove the cover, pull out the filter.
  4. The new part is slightly crumpled to give the shape of the entrance.
  5. Install the filter in the direction of the arrow on the end (from the driver’s door to the passenger’s door) and spread it out a little by hand.
  6. Secure the cover, starting with the bottom corner.

[stextbox id=’vajno1′]IMPORTANT: The cabin filter must be crumpled carefully so as not to spoil it. For this reason, it is recommended to take a quality element, even if it is more expensive.[/stextbox]

Changing the cabin filter in Focus 2 with removal of the acceleration pedal
There is another option. If we are about two meters tall and have the same build as Stallone, it will be difficult to turn around in the cabin. It’s cramped. So we can start the procedure by removing the pedal.

Before changing the filter, use a 10 mm socket to unscrew the three nuts that hold the throttle. In the photo below they are marked with a red marker. But it is not necessary to disconnect the wires to the sensor, it is enough to move the pedal aside.

For an experienced and competent driver, the entire replacement takes a few minutes, a quarter of an hour at most. But you shouldn’t be in a hurry so you don’t have to look for a cover or pedal mount. 

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