DTC P0500 on Ford engines. Causes and solutions
DTC P0500 on Ford engines. Causes and solutions

DTC P0500 on Ford engines. Causes and solutions

DTC P0500 is typical not only for Ford Focus 2 cars, but also for many Japanese cars. Theoretically, there is nothing difficult to decipher, but the search for faults may lead very deep. Formally, OBDII code P0500 is deciphered as absence of data in the engine control unit about vehicle speed, therefore it would be logical to suspect the speed sensor. But it is not that simple.

How to decipher fault code P0500, VSS sensor

p0500 on screen
P0500 on the scanners screen

The P0500 error is scientifically interpreted as an incorrect signal from the speed sensor. It is fixed when the engine revolutions are higher than 1600 RPM, it is warmed up to the working temperature, and the driving speed is not more than 5-7 km/h.

However, practice shows that the appearance of fault code P0500 can be observed in other conditions.

For proper diagnosis it is very important to note when the error appears, after what changes, repairs, replacements of parts. If there were no replacements, it is possible to talk about malfunctions of the speed sensor, or about the lack of contacts on its terminals.

ошибка Р0500
Speed sensor operating principle

The VSS (speed sensor) is mounted on the gearbox housing on the right side of the vehicle. First check the quality of the contacts on the terminal connector. It is possible that they are oxidized, water or a drop of oil got on them, so the contact is not permanent.

In this case the speedometer may not work or work jerkily. In addition, check the quality of contacts on the electronic control unit itself. If the contacts are OK, try to replace the speed sensor.

Ford Focus 2 speed sensor replacement

ошибка Р0500
VSS sensor

To replace it, we will need a standard set of tools and a new sensor. The VSS sensor is not cheap. The original with Ford parts number 04882780 costs $45 for 2018. There are cheaper options:

  • Febi 037333;
  • ERA 550289;
  • AUTLOG AS4364;
  • SWAG 50 93 7333;
  • Delphi SS11015.

ошибка Р0500

Before removing the speed sensor from the gearbox, remove the air filter assembly, and then remove the battery and the pad under it. Access to the sensor is open. Try to clean the contacts with Liqui Moly Electronic-Spray and if it does not bring any results, disconnect the contacts again and remove the sensor from its seat by bending the retainer. Swing the sensor from side to side, remove and install the new sensor. If it was the cause, the error will be reset automatically.

ошибка Р0500


Other causes of fault code P0500 in Ford engines

If the speed sensor is known to be good, the speedometer works as if nothing has happened, but Check Engine is still on and the scanner only reads one fault code P0500, check the ABS system. The fact is that in Ford Focus with automatic transmission and with manual transmission antilock system is tied to the speed sensor. Our ABS consists of a control unit and sensors on each wheel.
signal from the ABS
This is how the signal from the ABS wheel sensor goes through the dashboard and on

Most often, DTC P0500 in such cases appears in the background of ABS and ESP signals, but it is not always the case. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to clean the ABS wheel sensors. The sensor has part number 06S090, the manufacturer is OPTIMAL.

ошибка Р0500
Remove the caliper…
ошибка Р0500
… and clean the sensor along with the ABS ring

The ABS sensors are in the hubs and you have to remove the brake calipers to get to them. After that, spray the sensor mount with penetrating grease, disconnect the contact, and jump to remove the sensor. Clean it thoroughly, and then make sure to clean the ABS ring on the hub through the sensor well with a cotton swab.

If the error has not disappeared after another reset, inspect the contacts on the ABS control unit. Most likely, the unit itself has nothing to do with DTC P0500 in case the scanner or diagnostic computer does not show error codes C1142, C1234, U2023 (violation of CAN-bus data chain).

P0500 often occurs after the front wheel hub bearing has not been replaced correctly. Unless a special spacer or puller is used to replace the bearing or hub, as shown in the photo below, the ABS ring may be slightly dislodged. It is not visible to the eye, but it is enough to cause an error code P0500.

ошибка Р0500
Hub puller for Ford Focus

Consequently, several conclusions can be made:

  1. Fault code P0500 has to do with the engine control system.
  2. The pulse from the speed sensor goes through the dashboard.
  3. The occurrence of fault code P0500 may be caused by a lack of contact in the speed sensor circuit, as well as in the antilock system circuits.
  4. If DTC P0500 appeared against the background of ABS or corresponding error codes, the first thing to check is the ABS system and not the speed sensor.
ошибка Р0500
Speed sensor Ford Focus 2

This way you can independently calculate the cause of the failure, eliminate it and reset the code with your own hands.

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