Servicing the Ford Focus 2. Replacement, thermostat choice and warmth in the cabin
Servicing the Ford Focus 2. Replacement, thermostat choice and warmth in the cabin

Servicing the Ford Focus 2. Replacement, thermostat choice and warmth in the cabin

Is it cold in the cabin? Is the antifreeze not warming up in the Ford Focus 2? Is the heater blowing cold? A well-known story. With the advent of cold weather, many owners of the second-generation Ford Focus complain about slow heating up of the cabin and cold radiator. Certainly, if it is -35 ˚C, it is one thing. But when at normal winter temperature of 10-15 degrees of frost the cabin is heated up to half an hour, it is time to check the cooling system, and it is worth it. Thermostat, heater radiator, control electronics, air lock – all of these can easily become the cause of the cold in the cabin. Replacing the thermostat on a Ford Focus 2 will fix the situation 80% of the time.

Signs of thermostat malfunction Ford Focus 2

Why the thermostat? Very simple. Almost every malfunction that paralyzes the operation of the heater can be diagnosed separately. With the exception of a clogged heater radiator honeycomb.

The heater radiator can also be the cause of cold in the cabin, but if it’s clogged, it’s forever. Until it is replaced with a new one or a quality flush, the heater will never be warm. The thermostat breakdowns, on the other hand, are mostly intermittent. In winter, we can blame the thermostat on the Ford Focus 2 for both the long warm-up of the engine to operating temperature and a cold heater radiator.

thermostat ff2
Schematic diagram of thermostat installation and removal on Ford Focus 2

And besides that, there are a few more signs that can be used to figure out that it is the thermo valve that is to blame for our troubles:

  • With the classic dual-circuit cooling system, the engine does not reach the normal operating temperature for a long time. This can be traced both on the indicator on the dashboard and with the help of the on-board computer, which indicates that the thermostat valve is jammed in the open position and is running antifreeze in a large circle, not allowing the fluid to warm up.
  • The second extreme is overheating. In this case the thermostat is closed all the time, the antifreeze does not come out in a large circle and does not get into the main cooling radiator.
  • A more complicated variant, when the valve is half-open, but does not work properly. In this case, the fluid can circulate along the large circuit, but it will take a very long time for the engine to warm up. This is the most common variant.

Almost one hundred percent sure you can talk about a faulty thermostat, if you start a cold engine and feel the pipe that connects the thermostat to the radiator. If it immediately began to warm up – it is clear, the thermostat does not work. The same conclusion is made after the engine has warmed up to the working temperature, and the branch is still cold.

What thermostat is installed on the Ford Focus 2

On the second Focus set a whole bunch of different engines in Europe, but in our area the car occurs most often with gasoline series Duratec 1.4, 1.6, 2.0 and 1.8-liter engines, as well as 1.6-liter gasoline engine Ti-VCT.

The owners of the Ford Focus with the latest 1.6-liter Ti-VCT engine had the most problems with the thermostat. The fact is that they were the only ones to install the thermostat with electronic control and servo valve actuator with the catalog number 147 30 90.

The idea is good, but after the restyling it was abandoned – too often the electronic-mechanical actuator of the thermostat valve gave failures. And such a valve was much more expensive than a conventional thermostat with a thermocouple actuator, like in the old Dacia.

термостат фокус 2

The rest of the Ford engines had a thermostat insert, which was installed in the housing and changed in half an hour if necessary. The 1.6-liter Ti-VCT motor can be solved in the same way. The old electronic valve was simply replaced with an ordinary one together with the housing, and to prevent the electronics from swearing, instead of the missing thermostat an ordinary 430 Ω resistance was installed, but not less than 0.25 Watt. In this case, the ECU will not notice the loss of the fighter and the Check Engine will not light up.

Thermostat with electro-mechanical control

What is the best thermostat for Ford Focus 2, dimensions, characteristics

Consequently, the thermostat assembly with housing with catalog number 147 61 10 is suitable for installation on Ford Focus 2 motors. The price of the original thermostat is about $40 for 2018. The liner (separately the thermostat valve) can be purchased for $15 as an original or a substitute. For example, a quality ZETEC with part number 1001993 costs about $16, but there are plenty to choose from:

  • Triscan 08620 5788;
  • Calorstat by Vernet TH06526.88J, 88 ˚С;
  • Ford 01001993;
  • Mahle TX 012 88D;
  • Behr Hella TX 012 88D.

The thermostat has a fitting diameter of 52 mm and a valve diameter of 35 mm, and the distance from the valve to the fitting plane is 32.7 mm. For our latitudes, a thermostat with an operating temperature of 88˚C is quite sufficient, but if you want, you can buy a “winter” version, which opens at 91-95˚C.

How to change the thermostat on a Ford Focus 2

Replacing the thermostat on any Ford Focus 2 engine follows the same scenario. There is a difference, but it lies in the location of the device housing. The replacement algorithm remains the same. At the same time, in some cases, the alternator is removed, sometimes the power steering pump is also removed.

To replace the thermostat on the second Ford Focus we will need a standard set of tools, a container for draining the antifreeze and maybe 100-200 ml to refill, if in the plans is not a complete replacement of the coolant. Drain the antifreeze is mandatory in any case, so we’ll start with it.

  1. Put the car on the observation pit, tighten the handbrake and remove the minus terminal from the battery.
    Как поменять термостат на Форд Фокус 2
  2. Remove the engine crankcase protection.
  3. Open the expansion tank plug, depressurize it, and inspect it for integrity and function. If necessary, check it according to standard procedures.
    Как поменять термостат на Форд Фокус 2
  4. Unscrew the drain plug from the bottom of the radiator with a broadhead screwdriver, placing a container to drain it.
    Как поменять термостат на Форд Фокус 2
  5. Unscrew the expansion tank under the hood of the cooling system and the booster pump. Without disconnecting them, put them aside so that they do not interfere.
    Как поменять термостат на Форд Фокус 2
  6. If you have socket extensions, gimbal adapters and magnetic holders, it is quite feasible to do without removing the alternator. However, to free up more space, you can remove the alternator and move it aside without disconnecting it. It is desirable to wrap it in a plastic bag beforehand. There is nothing, antifreeze can short-circuit the windings.
    Как поменять термостат на Форд Фокус 2
  7. The thermostat housing is mounted on 4 bolts, which need to be unscrewed. The upper two are easy to unscrew, the lower ones you have to play around with, there really isn’t much room.
    Как поменять термостат на Форд Фокус 2
  8. Remove the clamps with pliers (this can be done before).
    Как поменять термостат на Форд Фокус 2
  9. Remove the thermostat housing with the liner.
    Как поменять термостат на Форд Фокус 2

After installing the new thermostat in the housing, lubricate the gasket with a thin layer of sealant, reading the instructions carefully. Some sealants require up to 12 hours to cure. After assembly it is possible to pour the antifreeze (if old, it is desirable to filter it), during the pouring we press the pipes with hands, preventing the formation of the airlock.

After the engine warmed up, it is advisable to raise the front end (drive the front wheels on a trestle) and pour the antifreeze up to the level with the running motor. If necessary, refill the antifreeze on a level ground.

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