How to remove and repair the heater motor Nissan Note
How to remove and repair the heater motor Nissan Note

How to remove and repair the heater motor Nissan Note

Problems with the heater in the Nissan Note are known to all owners. Breakdowns are not frequent, but characteristic of this model and models on the same platform Nissan B that the first generation, the second (E11 and E12). The heater motor on the E11 and E12 sometimes requires maintenance, but for this you need to remove it. How to remove and repair the heater motor on a Nissan Note, let’s figure it out together.

Problems with the heater motor Nissan Note E11, E12


From the factory, the Nissan Note is equipped with a VALEO heater motor with catalog number 698755. But you should not change it at the first problems. The engine is quite normally serviced. If the issue is not critical (windings, damages, etc.), it can always be repaired.

моторчик пічки ноут
Original stove fan motor 698755 VALEO with a fan

The electric motor of the Nissan Note heater has several childhood diseases:

  1. The fan does not start at all.
  2. Starts after prolonged operation of the heater.
  3. Only one or two motor speeds work.
  4. Loud noise when the fan is running.
  5. Poor airflow, low engine speed.
  6. Strong vibration when the fan is running.

First, it is worth considering the solution of issues related to the heater motor only tangentially, but affecting its functioning.

The speed of the heater motor does not work, the resistor


A common issue, especially in winter, when only one fan speed of the heater works. More often the fourth or third. 

But if the electric motor does not start at all, it is worth checking fuses No. 11 and No. 13, rated 15 A.

The problem with the operating modes of the electric motor usually lies in a non-working resistor block. The heater fan resistor is located to the right of the driver on the console, right next to the accelerator pedal.

резистор моторчика
Resistor of the heater motor, that controls the speed of the fan, part number 27150AX115

For reference, the catalog number of the resistor is 27150AX115 or 27761AX010 depending on the year of manufacture and version.

розташування резистора
The heater resistor is located to the right of the driver near the accelerator pedal (photo left), and the resistor is mounted on two screws under the T25 bit

But you should not immediately buy a new resistor. Very frequently it happens that the safety contact on the resistor body is soldered off due to overheating or vibration. Here it is in the photo.

резистор пічки

It is enough to solder it, as the heater motor will begin to respond to switching speeds. Theoretically, if it is not this contact, you can try to restore the faulty resistor. It consists of several strips of different resistance values.


However, practice shows that restoration is impossible – in a few days, due to the high temperature in the housing, tin flows off the restored strips and the situation repeats. Therefore, it is better to buy a new one. The price of the resistor in online stores is within $28-30 for 2023.

It is worth noting that any soldering on the case or inside the resistor should be carried out with a special high-temperature solder Rosé (Rosé alloy).

Removing the fan motor, Nissan Note


The resistor fails for a reason, and most often due to excessive current consumption by the motor. This happens when the bearings and bushings of the motor are clogged with dirt and dust, the rotation of the motor shaft is difficult, because of this we hear a hum and creak in the cabin when the fan is turned on.

To prevent dust and dirt from getting into the electric motor, you need to change the cabin filter in time. Its replacement takes a few minutes, but saves the heater from contamination.

To remove the stove fan motor, it is necessary to dismantle the glove compartment. To do this, unscrew three screws in the upper part of the box

бардачок ніссан

and two in the lower one.

бардачок ніссан

After that, disconnect the power terminal block. Loosen the lock on the left side with a screwdriver and disconnect it by pulling it upwards.

клемна колодка моторчика пічки

You can take out the fan assembly. It is held on plastic clips that need to be pressed. If the upper air duct will interfere, it can be removed, it is held on two clips.

моторчик пічки

Under the fan we see white plastic clips. We bend them with a flat screwdriver.

дві кліпси

Separate the fan housing…

корпус двигуна вентилятора

… and get access to the rear part, where the brushes and sliding bearing (bushing) are located.

щітки та підшипник ковзання (втулка).

Clean and lubricate the Nissan Note heater fan motor


Assess the level of wear of the collector and brushes. If necessary, grind the collector and change the brushes. But this procedure is relevant for cars with mileage of 200-250 thousand km.

колектор двигуна

Thoroughly blow the engine with compressed air, remove any hint of dust or dirt. Now you need to lubricate the bearing with liquid (thick grease will not work), to do this with an aerosol can of silicone grease. Or synthetic motor oil. A few drops will be enough.

It is important to remember that the impeller itself must never be removed from the shaft. It is balanced together with the rotor. It is also important not to damage or deform it in the process of dismantling or mounting the motor.

Assemble the heater motor in reverse order. The fan motor should be lubricated and cleaned at least once every two years or at the first sign of dirtying.

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