How and when to change the oil in the Toyota RAV4 AISIN K111F CVT
How and when to change the oil in the Toyota RAV4 AISIN K111F CVT

How and when to change the oil in the Toyota RAV4 AISIN K111F CVT

Despite the superficial attitude of some crossover owners to continuously variable transmissions (CVT), the owners of Toyota RAV4 2015 with the K111/K112 series CVT no complain about that. If you do not count on the frequent replacement of oil in CVT. When it comes to replacing the oil in the CVT of Toyota RAV 4, which is better to cast, how to replace the filter, we will understand now.

When to change the oil in an AISIN K111F CVT, which is better


The Toyota RAV4 crossover is equipped with a gasoline engine with a working volume of 2000 cm3 and a transmission AISIN K111F. The manufacturer regulates the frequency of lubrication replacement in a CVT every 100,000 km of mileage.

Practice shows that in the conditions of normal urban operation, the oil retains its properties to 60-80 thousand km run.

The full volume of Aisin K111F, including a cooling system, is 9 liters. The manufacturer recommends using the Toyota CVT Fluid TC or Toyota TC to replace the original oil. Original oil code for order – 08886-02105, manufacturer of EMG Marketing Godo Kaisha, Tokyo Japan.

Also, many use transmission oil approved by the manufacturer AISIN CVT FluID Excelent 7004. It is sold in canisters of 4 liters. In fact, for a complete replacement, there are two cans, remaining 250-300 gr.

[stextbox id=’alert’]Warning! It is not recommended to pour energy-saving oil CVT Fluid Fe 08886-02505 in Toyota RAV4 release after 2013. Sometimes it is mixed in different parts with oil AISIN CVT FluID Excelent 7004.[/stextbox]

This is associated with different viscosity of oils. Thus, FE oil has a viscosity of 5.34 at 100 degrees, and Toyota CVT Fluid TC has a viscosity of 7.02. In principle, nothing terrible will happen if pour FE instead of TCs, sometimes it makes it deliberate if the average annual temperature is lower than the European, and winter frosty.

Also recommended type of oil is necessarily indicated on the control hole, and the CVT model on the plate located on the central rack of the driver. It all depends on the year and market of Toyota RAV4.

In addition to the original oils produced under the brand Toyota, there are a some fluids of third-party manufacturers:

  • Castrol CVT Multi; 
  • Idemitsu CVTF; 
  • ZIC CVT Multi; 
масло Toyota RAV4
Original Toyota oils for AISIN K111F and K112 transmissions

However, the cheapest fluid remains the AISIN CVT FluID Excellent CFEX, which releases Exxon Mobil Japan. Price is a 4-liter canister about 47-50 dollars.

How many oils are in CVT Toyota K111/K112


The volume of oil depends on the method of replacing and tasks. Example:

  • The full volume of fluid together with the cooling system K111 / K112 – 8.7 liters.
  • With a partial one-time replacement, there are 3,2-4 liters.
  • Partial replacement with filter replacement will require 8 to 9 liters.
  • The complete replacement includes washing and filling to a nominal level, for this you will need 10-12 liters.
вариатор Toyota RAV4
On the right, a new oil, to the left oil from a CVT with a run of 43,000 km, a city operating mode.

CVT AISIN K111F Toyota RAV4 Filter, Replace Spare Parts


With each oil change in the AISIN K111F CVT, a filter should be changed. To make it easy, but a dirty filter element can greatly reduce the CVT resource. The manufacturer insists on using a native filter with catalog number 35330-0W040.

Let not mislead the variety of catalogs of the CVT filter. It can mark in different ways:

  • Toyota 35330-0W040; 
  • 35330-0W090; 
  • FTC110111112;
  • FTC 111V-10112.

The catalog number depends on the market, and the filters themselves are absolutely identical.

As an option, you can use a cheaper filter, for example, JS Asakashi JT485K. He goes with a gasket, a price of about $ 10.

прокладка поддона Toyota RAV4
Original gasket and pallet CVT AISIN K111F

The number of the original pallet laying is 35168-63010. It will also be necessary to replace the sealing gasket of the drain plug. The number of native gaskets – is 90430-12008.

How to swap oil in CVT Toyota RAV4 2015


Changing the working fluid in the CVT can be carried out using specialists per service or independently. Does not require specialized equipment and special technical knowledge and skills.

For oil drain, you need to complete the following order:

  1. Drive a car on the overpass or overlooking pit.
  2. Dismantle the engine crankcase.
    поддон вариатора Toyota RAV4
  3. Remove the side protective cover CVT.
    кожух Toyota RAV4
  4. Disconnect the traverse.

Unscrew the drain cork and drain the exhaust fluid. Check the magnetic tip of the traffic jam for the presence of metal chips. Its presence testifies to wearing CVT.

поддон Toyota RAV4

After the oil ceases to flow, screw the level tube and continue the drain. It is inside the crankcase. Screw it with a hexagon in a drain hole.

трубка уровня Toyota RAV4

Twist the drain cork into the hole.

пробка Toyota RAV4

Unscrew the bolts that fix the transmission cranker (head by 10 mm, 19 bolts), and dismantle it. In this case, it is necessary to act neatly, because it has oil remains.

поддон вариатора Toyota RAV4

Inspect a gasket for damage and stratification. If necessary, replace it.

With the head on 10 mm unscrew three bolts that fix the filter. At the same time, from the oil receiver can go a little work fluid.

фильтр вариатора

Set the filter into the hole and fix it with bolts. Tightening bolts is better to do a dynamometric wrench by exposing the effort 6 n·m.

фильтр вариатора Toyota RAV4Wash away the tray from the remnants of the spent working fluid.


Fasten and fix the carter and block. Before installing, it is necessary to skim the gasket (and it is better to replace it), also the location of the transmission carcase with the body.

схема затяжки
CVT pan bolt tightening diagram

Screw the connecting bolts necessary according to the above scheme using a dynamometer wrench with an effort of 6 n·m.

ставим картер вариатора рав 4

Remove drain cork, to screw the level tube and drain cork into the holes.

Fill the oil in the AISIN K111/K112 transmission


After the above-mentioned works were executed, you can begin to fill the CVT with a new working fluid. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Find on the end side of the flood plain CVT and screw it.
    пробка вариатора Toyota RAV4
  2. To get into a hose hole.
    трубка в заливное отверстие
  3. At the upper end of the pouring hose set the funnel.воронка
  4. Pour in CVT four liters of oils.
  5. Remove hose.
  6. Screw the cork of the gearbox

After that you need to run the engine for a few minutes and start moving the CVT handle in all operating modes.

селектор вариатора Toyota RAV4

This allows you to start circulation of old oil in the system and drain its larger part. Then it is necessary to stop the engine and arrive to drain the remnants of the exhaust fluid. To do this, you need:

  1. Screw up a drain cork and a level tube.
  2. Drain the remnants of the working fluid.
  3. Install and twist the level tube.
  4. Twist the drain hole cork.

промывка вариатора рав 4

Then you must fill the variator with a new oil. The estimated volume required for this varies in the range of 2 to 2.5 liters. In this case, it is necessary to make such actions:

  1. To screw the plate of the filler hole.
  2. Install hose with a funnel.
  3. Pour the desired amount of oil.
  4. Remove the hose and fix the cork in the hole.
  5. Start an engine and give an option to work in all existing modes.

How to check the oil level in CVT Toyota RAV 4


To establish an optimal level of a working fluid, you need to give the car to work on idle turns. This is necessary to heat the oil to a temperature of 40–45 °C.

While the engine works, you can set a traverse, a side protective cover CVT, as well as plastic protection of the engine elements.

пробка вариатора

After heating the working fluid to the optimum temperature, without turning off the engine, it is necessary to screw the control hole. The optimal level of working fluid is achieved after it stops leaking from the crankcase. After that, the drain hole and the engine crankcase can be installed in place.

What’s the bottom line


Oil replacement in CVT Toyota RAV4 does not require special equipment and special skills. You can perform your work on your own. Such work on the service excluding oil, filter, and gaskets will cost 50-70 dollars.


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