How to repair code Р0014 KIA Sportage G4KD, causes
How to repair code Р0014 KIA Sportage G4KD, causes

How to repair code Р0014 KIA Sportage G4KD, causes

KIA Sportage 3rd generation engines (2-liter G4KD petrol) do not cause much trouble for owners if they use and replace good oil and fuel in a timely manner. One of the most common problems is error P0014, which is not so easy to reset.

Error code P0014 Kia Sportage. What is it, the symptoms


We have repeatedly dealt with the operation of the gas distribution phase change system (VVTi) on different cars. Suffice it to say that phase shifters mounted on camshafts turn the shaft at certain moments to increase the sensitivity, elasticity, and power of the motor in transient modes.

Schematic diagram of the G4KD motor phase shifter clutch: 1) stopper; 2) rotor; 3) camshaft; 4) housing; 5) the engine has stopped; 6) the engine is running; 7) the direction of oil supply.

Check Engine detected, the scanner showed code P0014 (or P0011), so we should immediately have questions about the phase shifter control system.

In addition, indirect symptoms of the malfunction are considered:

  • difficult start of the engine regardless of temperature;
  • the engine triples, can stall at low speeds;
  • unstable operation at idle speed;
  • failures and jerks at start and acceleration;
  • engine overheating;
  • noticeable drop in power;
  • possible increase in fuel consumption.

On almost all scanners, the interpretation of error code P0014 looks like this – “B Camshaft Position – Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1)”. If we translate this into human language, here’s what we know.

How to decipher the error code P0014 Kia Sportage 2.0 l, is it possible to drive


The system of changing the angles of rotation of the camshafts is essentially auxiliary. Without it, the engine could theoretically run in half with grief, if we do not take into account the points we have listed above. You can drive with this mistake, but.

Camshaft Position – Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1) stands for incorrect camshaft position. In our case – the exhaust camshaft.

If the error P0014 appears against the background of the code P0011, it indicates a violation of the angle of position not only of the exhaust (0014), but also the intake camshaft (0011).

ошибка Р0014
The yellow arrow indicates the drive of the exhaust shaft, and in case of error P0014 all claims to it.

There are nuances in the operation of the engine control unit. It is possible that the engine is running perfectly, but the ECU is receiving incorrect data from the camshaft position sensors. That’s why Check Engine and our great error P0014 appear.

ошибка Р0014
Visually about codes P0014 and P0011.

In this case, the problem may be in the banal clogging of the contacts on the sensor connectors or the ECU itself, and damage to the wiring. If this is your case, consider yourself lucky. However, in this scenario, there should be no malfunction of the engine, and all signs of error are not detected.

Causes of error P0014 on Kia Sportage with G4KD 2.0 l


Unlike other errors diagnosed by different scanners, there is not much variety. This code clearly leads us to the camshaft on the exhaust tract. The same can be said about error P0011, but for the intake camshaft.

ошибка Р0014
The discrepancy of the marks on the camshafts is not the cause, but a consequence, for example, stretching the timing chain.

We have already considered one reason, the most harmless. This is a lack of contacts in the connectors or wiring defects. However, it is possible that the software of the electronic control unit fails. Then only reflashing the ECU will help.

Other causes of error code P0014 or P0011 will be more serious, but in any case, you can easily calculate the problem yourself. But so far the reasons:

  1. Poor quality or not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions motor oil. It is also possible that the oil has outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced.
    For G4KD engine, the manufacturer recommends the use of API SM oils and above, ACEA A3 or higher, viscosity 5W-40, 0W-40, 5W-30.

    There were cases when the VVT system failed if the oil level in the crankcase was close to the lower critical point.
    And this is understandable. If there is not enough oil, the oil starvation will be felt first by those nodes that are in the upper points of the engine. And these are the phase shifters on the camshafts. So to begin with, without panic, check the oil level and remember when it was last changed.

  2. Insufficient oil pressure in the lubrication system. This may not affect the operation of the engine in normal modes, but check the pressure will not hurt. For the G4KD engine the norm is 3-4 bar. This is at 3000 rpm. On the warmed-up engine at idle speeds – to 2,8-3 bar.
  3. Failure or clogging of the oil supply solenoid valve in the VVT system. In fact, in 90% of cases, problems with errors P0014 and P0011 (exhaust and intake shafts, respectively) are associated with these valves.
The structure of the solenoid valve Kia Sportage: 1) spring; 2) coupling; 3) to the VVTi block (bias); 4) to the VVTi unit (delay); 5) drain hole; 6) oil under pressure; 7) drain hole; 8) plunger channel; 9) winding; 10) plunger.

Therefore, we will pay special attention to them, although in some cases the operation of phase shifters will be directly affected by their wear. But this is already on motors with a mileage of 280-300 thousand km.

ошибка р0014
Phase inverter grip with obvious signs of wear.

Code P0014 on the G4KD engine. Diagnosis and repair


We believe that we are already well versed in the minimum, so we are trying to diagnose the phase change system.

Check the operation of the solenoid valve without removing it from the engine. If error code P0014 was considered, check the exhaust camshaft valve, it is closer to the cabin (rear shaft). The procedure is as follows:

  1. Without removing anything from the engine, check the resistance of the solenoid valve coil. To do this, measure the resistance between the two contacts of the valve with a multimeter. The normal value is 7-9 ohms. This indicates that the electrical part of the valve is working. If the multimeter shows a gap – replace the valve.р0014
  2. Now check the mechanical part. Also without removing the valve from the engine. To do this, prepare two wires of sufficient length to connect the contacts of the valve to a 12-volt power supply. Most likely it will be a battery.ошибка р0014 киа спортейдж
    Start the engine by supplying power to the valve. If the valve is working, the engine may triple or even shut down.
    This is due to the fact that the phase shifter forcibly turns the camshaft in advance. Now remove 12 V from the valve contacts, engine operation should stabilize.
    If the motor does not respond to the voltage supply to the phase shifter valve, the valve will be removed.
  3. The valve is removed simply. Unscrew one bolt with a head by 10 mm and we take out the valve from a landing place, we do it accurately not to damage a ring of a sealant.
    ошибка р0014 киа спортейдж
  4. Check the operation of the mechanical part. On the removed valve, we estimate the mobility of the solenoid which regulates oil supply to the coupling of the phase rotator. To do this, again apply 12 V to the contacts, but now monitor the mobility of the solenoid.
  5. Be sure to pay attention to the cleanliness of the valve mesh. In any case, the oil supply mechanism must be flushed with any aggressive solution (carb cleaner, gasoline, WD-40, or something else). If after flushing the stroke of the valve stem has not changed, the rod does not cover the hole or hangs after removing the power supply, it will have to be replaced.

Again, in most cases, these manipulations are sufficient to overcome the error P0014 or P0011, depending on whether the intake or exhaust camshaft we are considering.

ошибка р0014 киа спортейдж

Catalog numbers of VVT solenoid valves for G4KD engine:

  1. Exhaust RP 243752 G500.
  2. Inlet RP 243552 G500.

If after cleaning or replacement of the VVT valve the situation has not changed, it is necessary to open the head of the block and, most likely, to change couplings of the system of change of phases. Equal roads and obedient phase shifters!

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