The Ford engines. Code P2008 intake manifold runner control circuit open

OBD2 failure codes in the service menu on older Fords are common. Some codes may simply indicate the need to test the engine control unit, and some signal about serious problems. Many owners of Ford Focus II, C Max, Mondeo, and other models with 1.8 liter gasoline engine notice the appearance of OBD2 failure code P2008 when scanning the system. What is it, how to remove and reset the error, not to spend too much on repairs and replacement of expensive original parts, we understand right now.

What does OBD2 failure code P2008 mean on Ford Focus 2

As we have already said, almost all 1.8-liter engines from Ford factories can generate an OBD2 failure code 2008, not only on the second Focus. It applies not only to engines of this volume, but the disease is mostly characteristic for them. In any guidebook on error codes for Ford engines, you can find the deciphering code P2008: Intake Manifold Runner Control Circuit/Open.
In human language, this means that a problem has been identified with the intake manifold swirl flaps control system.

obd2 code 2008


How code P2008 causes the problem on Ford engines

ошибка 2008
IMRC valve for the 2.3-liter Ford Ranger engine

The inlet manifold damper actuator malfunction is unstable. It is connected with a peculiarity of the construction of vacuum (IMRC valve) flap control valve.

As a rule, if we notice the following symptoms, it is worth checking the intake manifold flap actuator vacuum valves:

  • occasional loss of traction;

  • Check Engine lights up from time to time;

  • slight loss of power, it does not appear sharply, but power may drop steadily;

  • as the engine temperature increases, it loses injectivity, and acceleration lags may occur;

  • jerking when the engine is hot;

  • Increased fuel consumption is possible.

imrc valve ford
Two valves on the bar of the second-generation Ford Focus engine

The main thing is that the trouble appears when the engine is very hot. In all cases, the culprit is usually one of the two IMRC valves.

Code P2008, IMRC valve diagnostic

It is not possible to visually identify the faulty valve, although the characteristic click can be guided by resetting the terminal block when the ignition is on. This is not a valid diagnostic method, because the click may be faint. It is only possible to say with certainty that the IMRC valve is not working, if you check it with a multimeter in resistance measuring mode.

ошибка 2008
Multimeter readings when the valve is faulty

The nominal resistance value for the vacuum valve is from 30 to 40 Ω, the allowable deviation in the direction of increasing the resistance – is a maximum of 70-80 Ω. To measure it is only necessary to remove the terminal block by pressing the lock and place the tester stylus on the valve contacts. The faulty valve must be replaced, although it can be repaired theoretically. It requires a day of free time and a great desire to save money.

ошибка 2008
Normal resistance of the valve

How to choose the IMRC valve for Ford Focus, C-Max, Mondeo

Theoretically, to replace the valve you don’t need to buy the original, which costs a crazy $100-150 (a pair of valves on the same plank). The code of the original Ford valve is 5243591. There are non-original valves with the same catalog number priced from $20. Also, Mazda L801-18-741 valves are excellent, they are three times cheaper and identical in parameters.

ошибка 2008
Mazda L801-18-741 valves are excellent

Analogs of the valve from third-party manufacturers

There are also a few analogues that are lower in price:

  • HDE 57012001;
  • ATS SEN43591;
  • ERA 556131;
  • Dorman 911-909;
  • BWD IRS106.

Chinese analogues that are bought on an emergency basis:

  • Ruei RU13513FF2;
  • ZZVF ZV13313;
  • Dominant FO52043591.

[stextbox id=’alert’]In any case, no one is forcing you to buy the expensive original, although it is the most reliable option and guarantees a reset OBD2 failure code immediately after installing a new valve.[/stextbox]

Vacuum valve replacement

ошибка 2008
Replacing the valve takes a few minutes

Replacing the valve with your own hands is absolutely easy, it is only necessary to unscrew the bar with the valves, remove the contact pads and, pre-mark, remove the vacuum hoses. After that you can proceed with the replacement.

Feedback from owners often says that it is better to change the valves in pairs, although the manufacturer is silent about it. After replacement, reset the error by removing the minus terminal of the battery for 10-15 minutes.

OE Ford IMRC valve

After you put the terminal back in place and replace the valve, IMRC code P2008 will be reset and the engine will resume normal operation. Have a good repair and a full tank of good gasoline!

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