Code OBDII P2192. Causes, how to reset
Code OBDII P2192. Causes, how to reset

Code OBDII P2192. Causes, how to reset

Under normal conditions, any internal combustion engine, diesel or gasoline, needs to maintain a balance of oxygen and fuel. Fault code P2192 indicates that the fuel-air mixture is enriched, most likely at high rpm.

What is a lean and rich mixture

To begin with, let’s find out what a lean and rich mixture is. The thermal energy gained by combustion is converted by the engine into mechanical work. For fuel to burn, it needs an oxidizer – oxygen. Oxygen enters the engine together with the air. Thus, it is not pure gasoline itself that explodes in the cylinders, but a mixture of gasoline and air in the right proportion.
форсунки и свечи
For quality and trouble-free operation of the vehicle, the ratio of the fuel-air mixture is 1 to 14.7, where 1 is gasoline and 14.7 is air. If the proportions of the mixture are shifted towards increasing the air portion, the mixture is considered poor, and if it is shifted towards increasing the amount of gasoline, it is considered rich or over-enriched.
When fault code P2192 appears in the fuel mixture, there is an unreasonably high measure of gasoline content at high loads – 13 or fewer kilograms of air with standard oxygen content to work for 1 kilogram of gasoline.

Classification of causes of fault code P2192

Injector engine fuel system

There can be many reasons for the error P2192 and they can be related both to the injection system itself, and to the engine management system. It is important to make sure that the air supply to the combustion chamber is all right – the air filter is not clogged and the air ducts are clean.

The main causes are briefly as follows:

  1. Malfunctions in the intake system, causing too little air to enter the engine.
  2. Fuel overflows through the injector, causing an unreasonable amount of gasoline in the mixture. In this case, it can be the fault of one injector or several at once.
  3. The fuel pressure is not normal.

The diagnosis will be made based on these three types of causes.

Неисправность форсунки
Injector failure may be the cause of code P 2192

Diagnostics in case of error code P2192

We start looking for the cause of the malfunction with a visual inspection of the intake system:

  • check the throttle body gasket for damage;
  • check intake manifold for clogging;
  • check injectors.
ошибка р0172
The first reason is a clogged filter

If after diagnosing the intake system no faults are found, move on to checking the fuel pressure. You will need to buy a manometer to measure the pressure.

Before starting the test, carefully read the safety precautions. It is better to work in a ventilated room. Make sure there are no sparks or open flames. Even a seemingly empty tank contains explosive materials, so extreme caution should be used. To avoid personal injury and vehicle damage, depressurize the fuel system.
Kit for checking the pressure in the fuel rail

Order of operations when measuring pressure:

  1. Disconnect fuel pump relay.
  2. Start the engine and wait until it stalls.
  3. Turn off the ignition, put the relay in its place.
  4. Connect a pressure gauge to the fuel filter.
  5. Having switched on the fuel pump make sure there are no fuel leaks.
  6. Measure the pressure, check the pressure against the norm.
  7. If the pressure corresponds to the specifications, go to check the fuel injector for leakage.
Checking the pressure in the fuel system

We will check this way: turn off the ignition and watch the pressure gauge readings. After switching off the engine, the pressure gauge should show the pressure remaining for five minutes, otherwise, you will find fuel leakage. If this is the cause of the malfunction, the fuel injector must be replaced.

After completing the repair, you must reset the fault codes with the scan tool and perform a test drive. If the failure P2192 does not appear during the test drive, the repair is considered to be completed.

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