How to adjust the steering rack Dacia (Logan, Sandero, Duster). The causes of knocks

How to adjust the steering rack Dacia (Logan, Sandero, Duster). The causes of knocks

Knocking in the steering rack did not lead to anything good. One method of removing noise and backlash is a forced reduction in the clearance between the rack and gear. It is necessary to tighten the steering rack Dacia Logan, Sandero, Duster. To perform this, it is not necessary to go to a car service or private craftsmen.

Dacia steering rack knocks, why it needs tightening

Dacia steering rack schematic diagram with hydraulic power steering

The steering rack is a complete mechanism with rotating and rubbing parts. In the course of prolonged use, the friction parts undergo wear and grinding and the distance or clearance between them appears. 

If there is play in the rack, the toothed shaft in the rack begins to knock on minor bumps and the steering becomes less responsive. To compensate for this play, the rack must be tightened.

If you ignore the retightening, the life of the mechanism will be markedly reduced, because the shock loads accelerate the wear of the steering by several times.

How to check the steering rack Dacia Logan


To do this, you need to put the car on an elevator or raise the front end with a jack. Then do the following procedure:

  1. Take hold of the wheel horizontally and rock it. 
  2. If small backlashes and knocks are heard, ask the assistant to clamp the steering rod with his hand and repeat the procedure.
  3. If the knocks stopped, then the play is in the rack, and if not, then the steering head is knocking. 
  4. To be sure that the knocking is coming from the rack, take hold of the steering link rod and rock it vertically. If you can hear them play, the problem is really in the steering rack.

The last (test) way is to unscrew the steering ends from the knuckles, take hold of them and try to rock them again. Probably, the issue is far from the rack. But the presence of knocks confirms the opposite.

[stextbox id=’alert’]Warning. Backlash in the rack is not necessarily accompanied by a knock. Therefore, if the car steering has not changed, and there is no knocking, the rack should still be checked. At least once every six months. It is necessary for preventive maintenance and its tensioning. [/stextbox]

How to tighten the steering rack by yourself


The point of the adjustment is to tighten the adjusting nut and press the rack itself against the gear wheel, thereby compensating for the wear.

The tensioning procedure is done through a plastic sleeve and spring so as not to damage the mechanism. This process is not endless and eventually the driver will have to repair or replace the mechanism. 

Principle construction of the backlash correction in the steering rack of the Renault Logan.

Order of action:

In the area of the power steering pipes, you need to feel the adjusting nut and check its condition. It is located at the back of the rack.

The adjusting nut is on the back of the rack on the engine section side. Shown with the mechanism removed.

If the nut is recessed in the crankcase of the steering mechanism, then there is no point in adjusting. It is better to repair the rack. In this case, the rack bushing under the spring and the bolt may be destroyed. 

If the bolt is not recessed or can still be tightened, take a 10mm hex wrench and tighten the adjusting bolt by some degree. Before inserting the wrench, it is advisable to use an awl to clean the seating of the adjusting bolt.

After tightening, it is recommended to turn the steering wheel in different directions and check if there is no jamming. The steering wheel should turn without difficulty. A good way to check is to turn the wheel to the maximum.

If the wheel comes back slightly after releasing, the rack is not overtightened, but undertightening is more difficult to detect.  

If there is still backlash, try pulling 10-30% more. Be sure to control the force on the steering wheel. You can put an assistant in the driver’s seat to simplify the task. 


How to tighten the power steering rack on the Dacia Duster, Sandero, Renault Megane


If the car is equipped with hydraulic or electric power steering, there is still no difference when performing this procedure. Tightening the steering rack is the same on Renault Logan, Megan, Duster and other models, since most of the parts are interchangeable, and another part has a similar configuration. 

Therefore, the adjustment of the steering rack on many other cars Renault, Nissan, Dacia is on the same principle. 

When it helps to tighten the rack

Do not consider rack tightening as a panacea. If the steering rack starts to knock, no broach will help it. But in the case of loss of controllability at low mileage or as one of the preventive measures, tightening the rack makes sense, if it is done competently. 

New steering rack Renault Logan with hydraulic power steering (HPS)

There is no point in tightening it, if it is already quite worn, has a loud knocking on the bumps, and the adjustment bolt is screwed all the way in. In the latter case, it makes sense to remove the mechanism, disassemble, repair and reassemble.

The RE 9018 KIT repair kit, which includes seals, bushings, and gaskets, is excellent for a complete rebuild of the rack.

It is impossible to eliminate all kinds of knocks in the steering mechanism with the help of pulling. But to slightly improve the condition of the steering rack, and slightly raise the term is quite possible. You should remember that by tightening the rack, we only postpone inevitable repair. Therefore we can’t replace full repair with such an easy procedure. 

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