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How to change the oil in the automatic transmission Skoda Octavia A5

Despite the fact that official dealers and manufacturers often claim otherwise, an oil change in the Skoda Octavia A5 automatic transmission is simply necessary. There is no need to lull our vigilance, since the unit is expensive to repair and needs to be carefully monitored. It is more profitable for any manufacturer to completely replace the automatic transmission than to prevent and replace the ATF transmission fluid. This option does not suit us, so we will change the lubricant in the Skoda Octavia automatic transmission along with the filter. How to replace, when and what is needed for this, we will figure it out right now.

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How to change the oil in the automatic transmission Mazda 3. Technology and ATF selection

Since 2003, the Mazda 323 has been replaced by a new generation of C-class sedans, station wagons and hatchbacks, the Mazda 3. With the new generation of the car comes new technology and new maintenance issues. Such was the case with the Mazda 3. How to change the oil in the automatic transmission, what is the best oil to use and whether it is necessary to change the liquid in the automatic transmission in principle, we are finding out right now.

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