ошибка на сканере шкода

How to fix: Skoda Octavia Tour 1.6 BFQ. Thermostat, P1292

The relatively simple 1.6-liter BFQ engine was installed on the Skoda Octavia A4, Volkswagen Golf 4, and a number of Seat and Audi models until 2010. There are few complaints about it, but everyone knows the problems with the thermostat and the appearance of errors P1292 and P1293. How to replace the thermostat Skoda Octavia Tour 1.6 BFQ and whether it can be repaired, we will understand now.

Engine thermostat 1.6 BFQ Skoda Octavia, VW Golf, problems


Probably, VAG engineers made sense to complicate the cooling system so much, so the 1.6 BFQ Skoda thermostat is not easy. It is the only unit with a thermal valve-insert and two sensors. The first sensor transmits the engine control unit data on the antifreeze temperature.

датчики термостата
Sensor 1 – thermostat valve position sensor. 2 – antifreeze temperature sensor.

The second sensor monitors the position of the solenoid valve and also sends this data to the ECU. But the function of the thermostat remains the same – until the engine warms up to operating temperature, the valve blocks the circulation of fluid in a large circle.

Due to the difficult design, there may be many problems with the 1.6 BFQ Skoda engine thermostat. The thermostat gasket leaks most often, as a result of which the antifreeze level drops and the sensor contacts become acidic.

As a result, the control unit either does not receive data from the sensors, or this data is distorted. The control system may issue an error (Check Engine) when scanning or diagnosing fault code P1292.

ошибка на сканере шкода
This is the description of the error on the official diagnostic software from VAG on the Skoda Octavia Tour 1.6 BFQ

Concomitant error code – P1293, which indicates a short circuit of the thermostat supply. In these cases, the radiator cooling fans frequently do not turn off and work even on a cold engine, which affects the warm-up in the cold season.

Signs of thermostat malfunction 1.6 BFQ Skoda, VW


The P1292 system error message may not appear immediately or may not appear at all. However, this is not a reason not to check the operation of the thermostat at least initially.

To do this, start the engine and warm it up at idle to an operating temperature of about 105-110 °C. At the same time the top branch pipe of a radiator will be hot, and the bottom cold while the thermostat will not open and will not start liquid on a big circle.

In this case, the lower pipe of the radiator will start to heat up gradually, which indicates the opening of the valve and the system.

If the scanner shows a fault P1292 (Coolant thermostat valve circuit open) malfunction in the thermostat control circuit, you will have to carefully check all the contacts on both sensors and their connectors.

skoda sensor
Be sure to check the cleanliness of the contacts of the position sensor of the thermostat valve. It is black.

In most cases, cleaning does not save and you have to change the thermostat housing together with the valve and sensor assembly.

датчик шкода
Antifreeze temperature sensor on the 1.6 BFQ Skoda engine – green. All four contacts must be cleaned.

We have already said that these problems affect the operation of the fans. The fact is that in case of an inoperative system or break in the ECU circuit includes an emergency mode of operation of the system. Then the fans run continuously.

Common features of a non-operating thermostat include:

  • overheating of the engine when the thermostat does not allow antifreeze on a big circle;
  • long warm-up, low liquid temperature when the thermostat is jammed in the open condition.

In both cases, the system needs to be checked, and the thermostat assembly may need to be replaced.

Which thermostat is better to buy for 1.6 BFQ Skoda, Volkswagen


The original Skoda thermostat for this engine is not a cheap pleasure, because it is sold assembled. VAG original thermostat number – 06A-121-111A (06A-121-114). Its price is about $150. Not cheap.

оригинальный термостат Шкода Октавия Тур 1,6 BFQ
OE thermostat Skoda Octavia Tour 1.6 BFQ

It is rarely bought because the conveyor supply of the same thermostat assembled to the spare parts market is carried out by the same company Mahle Kolben with the number TI 16 105. This is the same thermostat, only with sawn VAG logos.

There is a choice among third-party manufacturers:

  • BEHR TI 16 105;
  • BSG 90-126-043;
  • CALORSTAT by Vernet TE7141.105J;
  • GATES TH465105G1;
  • HOFFER 8192582;
  • MEAT & DORIA 92582;

The clear leader on this list is Mahle Kolben, as it is the original thermostat, but without the VAG label. BEHR and GATES thermostats respond well, they have a difference in the price of about 15-20 USD.

How to change the thermostat Skoda Octavia Tour 1,6 BFQ


To replace the thermostat it is necessary to drain part of the antifreeze of about three liters. Of course, you need to take care to add three liters of new after replacement. And for this, you need to find out what antifreeze was poured into the system.

If we do not know this, or the liquid has a worn look (muddy, brown, foamy, oily divorces), change the antifreeze completely. Original liquid – G013A8JM1, concentrate with tolerances KIA HYUNDAI, VAG. Distilled water will be required for dilution.

The work is performed on a cold engine and after depressurization in the system. To equalize the pressure, simply unscrew the expansion tank cover.

крышка бачка

Drain the antifreeze from the engine Skoda Octavia Tour 1.6 BFQ


After we have drained the pressure, we look for a drain fitting for the cooling system. It is located in the lower right corner of the radiator.

кран для слива

Put a hose of appropriate diameter on it, lower the other end of the hose into a five-liter container.

трубка слива антифриза

Turn the valve 180 degrees and pull it on yourself. The liquid will start to flow into the container. To drain as much of the old antifreeze as possible, create a small excess pressure in the system. You can use a compressor for this, but do not overdo it, so as not to damage the tank and nozzles. Leaks from 3 to 5 liters.

Removing the old thermostat 1.6 BFQ Skoda, VW


Antifreeze may still leak from the system when removing the old thermostat. Therefore it is desirable to substitute a wide capacity under the engine.

To access the thermostat, remove the air filter cover and the auxiliary air supply tube.

мешает крышка фильтра

Now remove the connector from the sensors, pulling the latches down. Use a thin short screwdriver or awl.

контакты датчика шкода

Loosen the clamps on the thermostat nozzles and take them further along the nozzle. If the clamps are native, it is better to remove them with a special tool (pliers for clamps).


Using a 5 mm hexagon bit, unscrew the three bolts securing the thermostat housing. Note that the upper two bolts are the same and the lower one is long.

болты на 6 мм

Carefully remove the thermostat housing from the cylinder head.

снимаем термостат

The rubber gasket can remain on the landing plane, remove it too.


How to put a new thermostat on the Skoda Octavia Tour


Totally clean the landing plane on the cylinder head, it is desirable to decrease it.

чистим плоскость

If necessary, you can use a sealant for installation, but in most cases a fairly new gasket, which comes with a thermostat assembly.


Assemble everything in reverse order, tighten the bolts with a force of not more than 10 N∙m, so as not to damage the body.

термостат шкода

Pour new antifreeze in portions. At the same time gradually compress the pipes to expel air from the system. Pour the liquid in several stages, making sure that the tank is always antifreeze. Start the engine, the antifreeze level will drop. Top up again.

заливаем антифриз

Here’s how to remove the airlock from the system and properly fill the antifreeze.

After warming up the engine to operating temperature, check the level in the tank again. You can now reset error P1292 using the diagnostic adapter or scanner by accessing the appropriate section of the diagnostic software.

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