How to cange the Hyundai Tucson sway bar bushings without problems
How to cange the Hyundai Tucson sway bar bushings without problems

How to cange the Hyundai Tucson sway bar bushings without problems

Those who have personally encountered the replacement of the sway bar bushing in the Hyundai Tucson, know that this is not an easy job. Rear sway bar bushings are changed elementary literally in 15 minutes. With the front a little more complicated, but no problems will not arise if you do everything correctly.

Hyundai Tucson sway bar bushings. What are the best, sizes


The average service life of front sway bar bushings on Hyundai Tucson is from 40 to 60 thousand kilometers. Their malfunction is appeared by obvious thumping noises, which soundly echo on the side member and can be clearly heard in the cabin.

втулки стабилизатора Hyundai Tucson
Worn and new sway bar bushings. Wear is visible to the naked eye

You can check the condition of the sway bar bushings both visually and by rocking the car by the front fender. A healthy bushing should have no surface cracks, other mechanical damage or obvious signs of wear. This is especially true on the inside where the bushing contacts the sway bar.

втулки стабилизатора Hyundai Tucson

You can find several types of bushings for Hyundai Tucson on sale:

  1. 54813-2E100, inner diameter 24,8 mm.
  2. 54813-3K000 inner diameter 24,8 mm, more often found on cars assembled in ruZZia.
  3. 54813-2E000 inner diameter 20,8 mm. These bushings were installed on Korean-made machines.
  4. Most Hyundai Tucson imported from the U.S. had bushings 54813-1F000 with a diameter 22.8 mm.
  5. The bushings with catalog number 54813-0Z000 and an inner diameter of 26.3 mm were most often installed on Hyundai Tucson of Slovakian assembly.

When selecting, it is also necessary to consider the wear level of the sway bar. Therefore, in the case of heavy wear, it would be more rational to install bushings with a bore diameter of 24.8 instead of 26.3 mm, for example.

втулки стабилизатора Hyundai Tucson
The sway bar is worn, a heat shrink can be used if the diameter of the bar does not allow to install a standard bushing

Analogs of genuine Hyundai Tucson sway bar bushings


There are a lot of analogs of the OEM sway bar bushings, but you have to buy them knowing the diameter of the rod and measure the hole in the bushing:

  1. Nipparts N4270301.
  2. Febest HYSBENF, 22,8 mm.
  3. Parts-Mall, PXCRA053B.
  4. CRH064 Car-dex.
  5. Onnuri GBUH222.
  6. CTR CVKH68, 22,8 mm.
  7. Yamato J70334-YMT.
  8. Moog HYSB8895.
  9. Ashika GOMK14.

For polyurethane adepts, there is also a choice – Polybush 010165 or Support Point 12011880.

Prices for OE bushings are in the $7-8 range, polyurethane bushings are priced a little cheaper, about $5, and analogs are priced from $1 to $3. 

How to change sway bar bushings Hyundai Tucson


There are several methods for replacing the front sway bar bushings. The job is complicated by the fact that the mounting brackets are buried too deep and it is not easy to get to them. Therefore, any mechanic at a service station will charge at least $70-100 for such work.

втулки стабилизатора Hyundai Tucson
Sway bar bushing holders are located in a very awkward place

We will save them and do everything ourselves. True, it is necessary to have in the garage a good set of sockets with ratchets of different sizes, penetrating grease and, perhaps, a pipe-amplifier for loosening particularly stubborn fasteners.

  1. Jack up the front end and install the sill plates. Remove the wheels.
  2. Unscrew the sway bar rods with two 17 mm wrenches.
  3. We go under the car and unscrew the rear brackets subframe right and left – two bolts (17 mm socket) and a nut with a 19 mm socket on both sides. The subframe will not fall anywhere, so the brackets can be removed immediately.
  4. Scrap or jack, set under the caliper, or raise the body, or lower the subframe is exactly enough to fit between the body and the subframe wooden bar thickness of 40-50 mm. This will be enough to make room to maneuver and unscrew the clamps fixing bushings.
    втулки стабилизатора Hyundai Tucson
  5. Use a 14 mm screwdriver to unscrew the sleeve collar bolts. To unscrew the top bolt, use a small ratchet and a 14 mm socket.
    втулки стабилизатора Hyundai Tucson
  6. Before installing the new bushing, lubricate the sway bar with silicone grease. If necessary (if the rod is worn), put a heat shrink sleeve on the rod, apply silicone grease to the inside of the bushing, and apply engine oil or any grease to the bracket mounting bolts.
    втулки стабилизатора Hyundai Tucson
  7. On the right side of the operation in the same order, but there adds a complexity exhaust pipe, so you have to use adapters and gimbals from the set of sockets.
    втулки стабилизатора Hyundai Tucson

That means that with the right approach and a good set of sockets, replacing the front sway bar bushings of Hyundai Tucson will take about two hours. Good luck to all!

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