Valve adjustment on the QR20DE Nissan X-Trail engine

Nissan’s QR20DE engine was installed until 2013 not only on the Nissan X-Trail but also on several other models, in particular, the popular Primera. Adjusting the thermal clearance of the valves (valve clearance) is included in the list of required work on engine maintenance.

When adjusting the valve on the Nissan X-Trail, Primera QR20DE


Adjusting the valve clearances is necessary to ensure the tightness of the combustion chamber. If the valve is not closed completely, the mixture does not burn completely, and the engine loses power.

механизм грм ниссан
Nissan timing scheme on QR20DE engine with phase shifter at the intake.

In addition, fuel consumption increases, and the engine runs with characteristic noise regardless of temperature and speed.

Valves are adjusted every 50,000 kilometers, and on cars with gas-balloon equipment – every 30-35,000.

Signs of knocked down valve clearance in the timing drive:

  • typical knocks during engine operation;
  • engine power dropped;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • the car has gas equipment, which reduces the regulations.

The work of adjusting the valves on the QR20DE engine at the service station costs about $100-120. You can save this money by adjusting the valve on the Nissan X Trail yourself.

Nissan X-Trail tools and spare parts for valve adjustment


Use the following tool to perform the work:

  • feeler gauges for measuring gaps;
  • wrenches for 22, 17 and 10 mm;
  • 10, 13 and 17 mm sockets;
  • flat screwdrivers.
tools valve
Suitable tool, feeler gauges, and fittings of valves of various dimensions. This is everything you need to adjust the valves on a Nissan with a QR20DE engine.

Also, be careful to stock up on pushers for adjustment. There are several types on sale, inlet and outlet have differences. Catalog numbers and sizes of the timer pushers QR20DE inlet:

  • 13231-1KC4A — 3,40 mm;
  • 13231-1KC3A —  3,3 mm.

The size of the inlet and outlet pushers for adjustment can be from 3 to 3.5 mm.


Outlet cups for adjustment, catalog numbers, and sizes:

  • 13231-ED020 — 3,40 mm; 
  • 13231-ED015 — 3,30 mm;
  • 13231-ED018 — 3,36 mm.

The valve cover gasket also needs to be replaced. Catalog number – 132703-Z000. The price of the original gasket is about 10 dollars.

How to adjust the valve clearances Nissan X Trail QR20DE


The thermal clearances of the valve mechanism must exactly correspond to the nominal value specified by the manufacturer. In particular, for the 2-liter QR20DE engine Nissan X-Trail and Primera gaps must fit within the following limits:

  • for inlet valves — 0.30 mm;
  • for exhaust valves — 0.33 mm.

For regulation it is necessary to get access to the valve mechanism, for this purpose perform some preparatory works:

  1. Remove the connector from the camshaft position sensor.
  2. Unscrew 7 timing side cover mounting bolts.
    зазоры ГРМ Ниссан Икс Трейл QR20DE
  3. Remove the cover.
  4. Unscrew the bolts securing the valve cover.
  5. Remove the valve cover.
[stextbox id=’alert’]Warning! Adjustment work should be carried out only on a cold engine at an ambient temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius.[/stextbox]

If it is cold or too hot outside, the thermal gaps will not match the nominal ones.

The process of adjusting the valve clearance of Nissan X Trail 2.0 liters


Install the first cylinder TDC. To do this, set the gear lever to the neutral position and turn the crankshaft in the course of movement until one of the three lines coincides with the outflow on the cover of the crankshaft seal.

зазоры ГРМ Ниссан Икс Трейл QR20DE

This mark is farther from the others.

зазоры клапанов Икс Трейл QR20DE

Pay attention to the position of the camshaft. If the working cam of the first cylinder looks towards headlights, it is necessary to turn a cranked shaft on 360 degrees that the mark coincided again.

зазоры клапанов Икс Трейл QR20DE

Check the intake and exhaust valves of 1 cylinder, the intake valves of 2 cylinders and the exhaust valves of 3 cylinders.

зазоры клапанов Икс Трейл QR20DE

The valve clearance should be 0.26-0.34 mm for the exhaust valves and 0.24-0.32 mm for the intake valves.

To check the clearance, the probe must be inserted between the camshaft cam and the rocker of the selected valve. The intake camshaft is closer to the interior and the exhaust is closer to the bumper.

intake exhaust

If the minimum probe does not pass into the selected gap, the valve is considered pressed, and if the gap exceeds the thickness of the maximum allowable probe in this mechanism, the gap is considered too large and requires adjustment.

The feeler gauge should come in with a light effort and set the gap to a minimum size.

Valve pushers with marked thickness are installed under the camshaft. To adjust them, you need to replace them with the right ones. To do this, you need to calculate the thickness of the gap deviates from the norm.

зазоры клапанов Икс Трейл QR20DE

If the valve is pressed, you need to insert a probe, which will enter with little effort. Then subtract the resulting gap from the required thickness. We get the gap to which the valve must be released.

Pushers for adjustment of valves QR20DE

For example: during the measurements, the valve turned out to be fitted and its gap will be 0.20 mm. Requires 0.24 mm. Therefore, 0.24 mm – 0.20 mm = 0.04 mm – and there is a value that needs to increase the gap.

Therefore for its adjustment, it is necessary to take out a camshaft and to look, what pusher of the size in it is established.

The size is indicated on the bottom of the pusher. Add 0.04 mm to this size and install the required pusher on this valve.

For example, its size is 7.24 mm, so you need to install 7.28 mm. The pitch of such glasses is 0.02 mm.

Do not rush to remove the camshaft. Record the clearance value in the selected valves and check in the others. To do this, turn the crankshaft to another 360 degrees. Measure the clearances of the intake valves 2 and 4 cylinders and the exhaust valves 3 and 4 cylinders. Write down the intervals obtained.

Rotate the crankshaft so that the camshaft sprockets are marked with yellow links.


Loosen the chain tensioner. Secure the tensioner with a 2 mm drill bit.

натяжитель цепи Ниссан

Hold the exhaust shaft with a wrench from turning, and unscrew the sprocket mounting bolt with a 17 mm wrench.

зазоры клапанов Икс Трейл QR20DE

Repeat this procedure with the intake shaft. Secure the sprockets on the chain with a wire and hang them so that they do not fall into the cylinder block.

зазоры клапанов Икс Трейл QR20DE

Remove the camshaft covers by loosening the bolts one at a time. First of all, you need to remove the cover that secures the shafts on the timing chain. Then remove the other covers.

[stextbox id=’alert’]Warning! The location of the lids should not be confused. It is necessary to establish in the process of assembly as they stood.[/stextbox]

зазоры клапанов Икс Трейл QR20DE

Remove the camshafts and replace the pushers with the required ones.

зазоры клапанов Икс Трейл QR20DE

Install the camshafts and assemble the timing in reverse order.

Valve control work on the Nissan X-Trail with QR20DE engine will take several hours.


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