How to replace the fuel filter and pump in Dacia Duster 2.0l
How to replace the fuel filter and pump in Dacia Duster 2.0l

How to replace the fuel filter and pump in Dacia Duster 2.0l

According to Renault-Nissan, the fuel filter and pump are capable of working throughout the life of the engine. In fact, with the quality of gasoline sold at our gas stations, Duster gasoline pump repair, replacement or preventive maintenance is done at least once every 40-60 thousand kilometers. Here’s how to check the work of the pump and, if necessary, to carry out the replacement with their own hands.

Signs of Duster fuel pump failure

It may be necessary to change the fuel pump on the gasoline Duster at any time, as soon as it appears:

  • popping in the exhaust pipe;
  • jerking of the car in motion, if the transmission and automatic transmission are in full working order;
  • noticeable loss of power;
  • engine does not start at all.
Packaging and aricle of the original fuel module

Before removing the gasoline pump, it is worth checking the condition of the fuel filter. On the Duster, the filter is installed under the hood and usually lasts about 100 thousand miles. To work with the fuel filter and the pump it is necessary to depressurize the fuel system. It is done as follows.

Depressurize the Renault Duster petrol system

  1. Remove the second row of seats (the cushion can be installed vertically). There is a beautiful view of the fuel tank hatch cover. The cover is unscrewed with a flat screwdriver, under it is the gasoline pump, secured by a pressure ring.
    бензобак дастер
    Fuel filler flap under the seat
  2. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to push off the wiring block.
    Unlock the pad lock
  3. Disconnect the connector from the fuel module. Now start the engine and wait until all fuel in the system burns out and the engine stops.
    Removing the connector

    The pressure is relieved, the fuel module and filter can now be replaced.

Dacia Duster fuel pump (module) replacement

We already got to the gas pump when we depressurized it, so we just have to take it out of the tank.

Removing the fuel module assembly

The pressure ring holds the gasoline pump, firmly holding it without any backlash. Unscrew the ring counterclockwise (due to the design of the pressure ring, it is advisable to use an arc-shaped tool to press this ring in two points, which will facilitate the task).

бак дастер
Module removed. Evaluate the condition of the fuel and the presence of debris in the tank

The fuel tube retainer is quite difficult to detach, so it is recommended to press it with a screwdriver.

Choosing a gasoline pump for a Dacia Duster

In addition to the module itself, we will need to buy an O-ring. Here is the Renault part number

The price of the original Dacia Duster gasoline pump (fuel module) is $50-70, depending on where you buy it and the brand. Reviews of Duster owners with gasoline engines incline us to consider these modules in the first place:

  • Asam SA catalog number 30290, price about $70;
  • Spanish Airtex fuel pump with catalog number 30290, price about $77;
  • The original RENAULT module 17 20 243 88R is the most expensive and they want not less than $120-130 for it.
модуль топливный
New Dacia Duster 2.0 Original Module

If the diagnostics of the fuel module showed that only the electric motor of the gasoline pump is to blame, there is no point in changing the module completely. Simply install the electric gasoline pump motor from Bosch. 

The German Francecar kit with part number FCR210114 is a pump and strainer (coarse filter)

Renault Duster fine fuel filter replacement

The price of the original filter on the Duster is about $15-25 dollars and it is placed under the hood. Theoretically, the filter should be replaced at 120 thousand mileage, but given the peculiarities of local gasoline, filter replacement is carried out as often as possible.

Replace the filter after depressurizing the system in this sequence:

So, we replaced the fuel filter and gasoline module quickly and without any problems or fuss, spared the injectors from unnecessary flushing and saved at least $20 at the service. Clean gasoline and sunny roads for everyone!


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