How and when to change the fine fuel filter Peugeot 308
How and when to change the fine fuel filter Peugeot 308

How and when to change the fine fuel filter Peugeot 308

The quality of gasoline at our country’s gas stations is rapidly increasing, but not as intensively as we would like. Unlike the prices. Anticipating this, the designers of French PSA budget cars, in particular Peugeot 308, use several fuel filters in the fuel supply system. Where is the fine fuel filter, how to change it and which one is better?

Where is the fine fuel filter of Peugeot 308, photo, and when to change it


According to official PSA service data, nothing needs to be changed and the fine fuel filter should work forever, until the end of the life of the car. This may be true in France, but our gasoline, seasoned with sand and dust from the roads, clearly requires more attention to the fuel cleaning system. Moreover, many owners of Peugeot 308 are sure with absolute certainty, that there is no fine filter in their fuel system. But there is.

топливный фильтр Пежо 308
Hatch in which the fuel module with coarse and fine filters is installed

In Peugeot 308 of any release with an injector petrol engine, the fine fuel filter is located directly in the petrol tank and is made in the form of a separate cassette connected to the fuel module.

It can be accessed either by removing the gas tank, which is long and irrational, or from the cabin through a special hatch by folding part of the rear seat cushion (Peugeot 308 SW).

топливный фильтр Пежо 308
Peugeot 308 fine fuel filter in a housing separate from the module
The dates of the replacement of the fuel filter are not regulated, but experienced owners of Peugeot 308 recommend doing it when the first symptoms of pressure drop in the power supply system appear, and for re-insurance – every 12-15 thousand km.

Symptoms at which you should change the fuel filter of Peugeot 308


The mileage is mileage, but there are also clear symptoms that the fuel filter has already worked. First of all, it will affect the operation of the gasoline pump motor, it will become harder to push gasoline through the system and it will be reflected in the noise even when you turn on the ignition.

A clogged fuel filter will definitely lead to a drop in pressure in the feeding system. This will cause increased fuel consumption, sagging under load and at high revs, unstable idle and difficult engine start, especially in the cold season.

топливный фильтр Пежо 308
Condition of the filter after 18,000 km

In addition, there may be error codes related to rich or lean mixture, as the electronic control unit will try to compensate for the lack of gasoline in the combustion chamber, which will lead to unbalanced readings of the sensors.

The error scanner can also report ignition problems, lambda probes and a number of others. Summing up the main signs of a clogged filter, we get a fair list:

  • Sags on acceleration and under load;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • noisy operation of fuel pump;
  • unstable idle RPM;
  • pressure drop in the power supply system;
  • Check Engine, errors in the engine control system memory;
  • hard starting;
  • engine operation temperature mode disturbance.

What fuel filter is better to buy for Peugeot 308


The situation in the store windows and online sites with fuel filters for the 308 Pégie is constantly changing, but the public has already identified for themselves the favorites among the variety of different filters. The original fuel filter for Peugeot 308 can be registered in the database as a filter for Nissan models (Qashqai, Micra), as well as for several Citroen and Renault models, for Opel Astra of the last years of production and for several other cars.

топливный фильтр Пежо 308
New filter assembly with hoses

There is no original number, because the manufacturer believes it should not be changed. You will also need to replace the Francecar FCR210141 mesh filter. Also, the fuel module pressure cap 1531.30, fuel module gasket 1531.41 will come in handy. 

топливный фильтр Пежо 308
On the left is the old coarse mesh

Recommended substitutes for the original:

  • Zekkert KF5463;
  • NIPPARTS N1331054;
  • ASAKASHI FS22001;
  • JAPKO 30130;
  • PATRON PF3924;
  • STELLOX 2100853SX;
  • INTERPARTS IPFT206 and several others.

The price of a fuel filter for the Peugeot 308 is from $12-25. As we said before, it is desirable to have corrugated tubes in the kit, as in the Zekkert KF5463 filter.

топливный фильтр Пежо 308

How to change the fuel filter of Peugeot 308 with your own hands quickly


The cost of replacing the filter at the service station is in the range of $70, so it is better to save your money and replace it yourself. To replace it, we will need a standard set of tools, as well as a set of consumables. Here they are.

топливный фильтр Пежо 308
1. The old module mounting washer. 2. New filter. 3. Corrugated tubes. 4. New washer. 5. Detergent.

The detergent did not get here by accident, because there is a lot of dust accumulated under the seat in the hatch. It has to be removed carefully, as we understand that it is extremely undesirable to get it in the tank. Let’s firstly relieve pressure in power system.

You can do it one of two ways: take out petrol pump fuse (it is at the extreme left from the top in the assembly block of engine compartment), or disconnect power wire on the fuel module itself. After that start the engine and wait until it stops on its own, having worked out all the fuel in the line.

Removing the fuse of the gas pump

Then follow this algorithm:




Now disconnect the connectors inside the fuel module, pull off the corrugated hoses and separate the fuel filter assembly with the housing so as not to damage the fuel level sensor.

It remains to warm a construction hair dryer new corrugations and carefully install them in place. 

топливный фильтр Пежо 308

Reassemble in the reverse order. Be sure to replace the washer seal with a new one, and if necessary, replace the washer itself. It is better to tighten it with pliers with a lever as shown in the photo.

топливный фильтр Пежо 308

After reassembly, pump fuel into the power system, putting the fuse in place (with the ignition on, let the pump run), and then you can start the engine.


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