Ford Focus II: how to change the oil in the automatic transmission 6F35
Ford Focus II: how to change the oil in the automatic transmission 6F35

Ford Focus II: how to change the oil in the automatic transmission 6F35

Automatic transmissions are no less sensitive to lubrication quality than the engine. Some models are even more finicky in this respect. Timely oil replacement in automatic transmission 6F35 Ford Focus 2 guarantees that our automatic transmission will serve at least 200-250 thousand miles without overhaul. Old oil can cause friction clutches to overheat, which will lead to costly repairs. The cost of automatic transmission repair may be at the level of price tags of contractual boxes. Therefore, check the level and condition of ATF in automatic transmission regularly, and replace it if necessary.

When to change oil in automatic transmission 6F35 Ford Focus 2

For Ford Focus 2 it is recommended to change the oil in parallel with the filter change. The ATF level should be checked every 10,000 km, but it should not be changed more often than every 20,000 km.

The difference between old and new oil

When an oil diagnosis reveals unnatural coloring, dust particles, dirt and foreign objects, the oil must be replaced because it is not fulfilling its intended function and has lost its lubricating, cooling and detergent properties.

In some cases the oil looks fine even after 20000 km and theoretically it can last for some more time. It is strongly not recommended to take the risk and violate the recommendations of the manufacturer, otherwise there may be serious damage and failure of the box.

What is the best oil for automatic transmission 6F35 Focus 2

масло акпп фокус
Ford Focus automatic transmission oil change kit

We’ve already talked about choosing good automatic transmission fluids more than once. Changing the oil in Ford Focus 2 6F35 automatic transmissions is done along with replacing the filter, so you should purchase to do the job:

  1. The automatic transmission filter is original from European manufacturer code 50546305 and WSS-M2C919-E, rubber ring code 3044032. There is a counterpart to the European filter, made in the USA XS4Z-7A098-AC. The U.S. automatic transmission filter comes with a ring, and its price is almost half that of its EU counterpart. Motorcraft filters code FT 131, as well as the original Mazda filters FN01-21-500A, for which you also need to buy a rubber ring, are also suitable for Ford Focus cars.
  2. Ford Focus made before July 2007 is suitable original oil WSS-M2C919-E (Mercon V) code 1565889, and Fabi code 22806 and Motorcraft Mercon V code XT5QMC, and later cars come with conveyor, suitable original oil WSS-M2C938-A (Mercon LV) code 1776431.
  3. ELRING DIRKO 527.290 universal sealant or ELRING DIRKO 030.792 can be used to seal the gearbox sump.

масло для акпп

A partial oil change in the automatic transmission requires four liters of oil, but a full oil change requires eight liters of oil. A full oil change is only possible at the service station with special equipment for sucking the fluid out of the system.

6F35 AT and radiator oil change

In addition to the materials described above, you need to prepare a container to drain the old oil, a set of wrenches and a screwdriver to remove the many bolts. The first steps in preparation for the oil change procedure in Ford Focus 2 automatic transmission will be the removal of the engine protection and the removal of the air filter housing (if necessary with further replacement). Then the sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Remove the bolts of the crankcase and unbend one of its edges to drain the old oil.
  2. The sealant provides a high strength connection, so you will have to use something flat to bend the tray. It is important not to forget that the old filter must also be removed.
    at focus 2
  3. The removed cover must be cleaned of dirt.
    грязный поддон
  4. Next you need to clean the magnet, mount the new filter, apply a sealant to the crankcase cover and screw it in place.
    фильтр акпп
  5. Pour new oil through the dipstick hole in the amount that has been drained. It is important to measure how much oil has been drained. Generally, this figure varies between 3.5 and 4 liters.
    трубка акпп
  6. The remaining oil from the hydraulic block and radiator must also be drained. The procedure is performed by unscrewing the connector and the oil pipe from the radiator to the automatic transmission. Do not forget that the filter should be removed before starting the manipulation. The oil is drained by starting the engine and a canister or a bottle should be placed under the branch pipe.
    слив масла
  7. The process is performed in the following sequence: the engine is started, the automatic transmission selector is put in position P, a liter of oil is drained, the engine is stopped. The manipulation is performed several times until fresh oil starts to flow out. A total of up to four liters of oil will be drained out. After each liter of oil has been drained, it must be topped up.
    масло акпп
  8. In the last step, the fitting is screwed back into its original position. All disassembled elements are also reinstalled. After the manipulation the engine is started in all load modes, the oil is warmed up and the oil level is checked. If there is too much oil, it must be drained down to the required amount, and if there is not enough oil, it must be topped up.

приборы фокус 2

After changing the oil in the Ford Focus 2 automatic transmission, perform a test drive and check the ATF level again. After this, the operation of the 6F35 automatic transmission will become more audible, the gears will shift more smoothly and clearly. Fuel consumption after oil changes is also reduced. The procedure of oil replacement can be performed by yourself, but it is desirable not to do it alone, because you will need an assistant to perform some steps.

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