How to change the timing chain on a Skoda Fabia 1.2 liter 12 valves

Czech car Škoda Fabia, produced since 1999. The HTP-series engines of this model are available with a capacity of 1.2 and 1.4 liters. The timing mechanism is chain or belt drive. Skoda Fabia with an engine capacity of 1.2 liters, has 3 cylinders. A chain is responsible for the timing mechanism drive. The timing chain drive mechanism is quite reliable, but also has its own resource. How to replace the drive chain and what you need for replacement, we will learn right now.

Chain replacement Skoda Fabia 1.2 litre

Practice shows that replacement or tensioning of the timing chain is recommended after 90,000 kilometers, as the risk of slippage, which can lead to a shift of camshafts and, accordingly, a costly engine overhaul.

1. Cylinder head assembly with cover 2. Cylinder block assembly 3. Balance shaft 4. Balance shaft drive sprocket 5. Oil pump assembly 6. Mounting bolt, tightening torque 18 N.m 7. Chain guide (damper) timing gear 8. Crankshaft sprocket for timing gear 9. Crankshaft sprocket for oil pump drive 10. Oil pump drive chain 11. Oil pump drive sprocket 12. Oil pan 13. Mounting bolts, installation torque 9 N.m 14. Cover 15. Mounting bolt, tightening torque during installation 20 N.m + turn 90° 16. O-ring tightening torque 150 N.m + tighten by 180° 21. Bolt for fastening the timing chain cover, tightening torque 25 N.m m 23. Mounting bolt, tightening torque when installing 8 N.m + tighten by an angle of 90 ° 24. To the intake manifold 25. Mounting bolt, tightening torque when installing 10 N.m 26. Vacuum control valve (PCV forced crankcase ventilation system) 27. O-ring 28. Timing chain housing 29. Oil filler cap 30. O-ring 31. Mounting bolt, tightening torque when installing 50 N.m + tighten 90° 32. Timing chain tensioner rail 33. Hydraulic timing chain tensioner 34. Bolt, installation torque 9 N.m 35. Timing chain 36. Camshaft sprocket
During operation, the chain is subjected to major stress, which, after a certain mileage, causes the chain links to stretch or break. Partial damage, disconnection of one or more links is also possible. The engine under these conditions continues to run for some time, but with interruptions, noises. If the timing chain is not replaced on time, a stretched or damaged timing chain will damage the tensioner and timing belt.

Timing chain replacement kit

Chain replacement on the Skoda Fabia is recommended by the kit, which includes:

  1. Camshaft drive chain set. VG part number 047198026.
  2. Chain tensioner.
  3. Chain tightened.
  4. SKODA drive cover seal 047103161C.
  5. Chain shoe.
  6. O-ring, for 58X8 camshaft gear cover, VGA part number 047103085.
  7. You will also need to replace the sump plug o-ring (16X22), part number VGA N0138481.

The replacement must be done in a certain sequence, first removing the terminals from the battery and only then proceeding to unscrew the chain cover.

What a damaged or broken timing chain leads to

The pistons and valves of the Skoda Fabia are located in the same block, so that oxygen and fuel mix in the cylinder. When the piston is in the upper position, the valves are closed, so that the air-fuel mixture is ignited. When the piston is lowered to the lower position, the valves open and fuel is injected to create a new mixture.

Breaking the chain inevitably leads to malfunctioning and ignition of the air-fuel mixture. In the absence of all necessary elements, the pistons hit the valves, which leads to their bending. The price of such damage is great, an overhaul of the internal combustion engine with replacement of the timing set, valves, pistons and related parts is required.

How to replace the timing chain Fabia 1.2

For proper operation of the entire engine, the replacement must be done in a certain sequence. The first step is to disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Then unscrew the plastic engine cover.

The next step is to dismantle the equipment, which consists of:

Removing the ignition coils. It is better to number them so that the coils are not mixed up during installation.

Removing the valve cover. It is fastened with bolts around the perimeter.

Disconnect the engine cushion. This is necessary to provide access to the chain.

Drain the engine oil. It is necessary to drain the oil completely, in any container.

Drain the antifreeze from the cooling system. The fluid must be drained into any suitable container.

Disassembly of the radiator and all attachments.

The cylinder head cover is removed. The bolts are unscrewed and removed, along with the fans and everything that goes with it.

Unscrew the crankcase. It is necessary to unscrew the muffler, which blocks access to the pallet.

Then you need to loosen the screws securing the pump. It is necessary to remove the auxiliary equipment drive belts.

The next step is to remove the crankshaft pulley. This requires placing a stop between the crankshaft and crankcase.

Next, the pump pulley and oil pump are removed

At this point, preparation for chain replacement is complete, all attachments have been removed, and fluids have been drained. Now you can proceed to the disassembly and installation of the timing chain.

Before a new chain can be installed, there must be a certain sequence of actions.

You must remove the chain tensioner and chain guide before installing the new chain.

After installing a new timing chain, but it is necessary that the mark of the chain coincides with the mark on the pulleys. A special camshaft clamp is used for this purpose.

Assembly is performed in reverse order.

During assembly, do not forget to wipe and degrease the mounting surfaces of the timing cover

… and crankcase, apply a thin layer of sealant to the cleaned surface.


Regulation of timing chain replacement on Skoda Fabia

As practice shows, the motoresource of the engine with 12 valves 1.2 12V, is from 200000 to 300000 kilometers. When the mileage exceeds 200 thousand kilometers, irregular engine operation and compression drop in the cylinders are observed, and the error code is displayed on the monitor.

Replacement of the timing chain with a three-cylinder Skoda Fabia 1.2 engine is carried out after a run of at least 90,000 km.

The reason may be the wear of cylinders, rings, and pistons or the presence of sludge on the valves. With longer operation there is a risk of timing chain slippage, which will inevitably lead to shifting of timing and engine overhaul.

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