How to change the oil in the automatic transmission Skoda Octavia A5
How to change the oil in the automatic transmission Skoda Octavia A5

How to change the oil in the automatic transmission Skoda Octavia A5

Despite the fact that official dealers and manufacturers often claim otherwise, an oil change in the Skoda Octavia A5 automatic transmission is simply necessary. There is no need to lull our vigilance, since the unit is expensive to repair and needs to be carefully monitored. It is more profitable for any manufacturer to completely replace the automatic transmission than to prevent and replace the ATF transmission fluid. This option does not suit us, so we will change the lubricant in the Skoda Octavia automatic transmission along with the filter. How to replace, when and what is needed for this, we will figure it out right now.

When to change the oil in an automatic transmission Skoda Octavia A5

To begin with, let’s define the patient, that is, with the gearbox itself. On the Skoda Octavia, as well as on many other cars of the VAG concern, a Japanese-made Aisin automatic machine was installed and is being installed. The automatic transmission brand is 09G, and the modification may depend on the year of manufacture of our Skoda and on the type of engine.

All information below is relevant for Skoda Octavia with naturally aspirated engines of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, as well as with 1.8 TSI turbo engines. In addition, the automatic transmission oil change technology is unchanged for the Skoda Octavia A7, Skoda Rapid 2016 with CWVA 1.6 MPI gasoline engines.

Specifications (codes) of gearboxes can be different (KGV, KGJ, MFZ, JUN, KRN, newer QDM, QNQ, and many others).

Automatic transmission series 09G

Experienced drivers recommend changing the oil in the Octavia AT at least once every 40-50 thousand kilometers. The need for replacement is explained by high loads on the clutches of the AT, unbearable operating conditions for automatic transmissions on dusty and dirty roads, as well as the quality of transmission fluids, supplied to our markets. The quality of the filter also plays an important role in the ATF resource.

When to change the automatic transmission filter for Octavia A5

набор октавия замена масла акпп
Automatic transmission oil change kit

A cheap Chinese nameless filter is simply not able to clean the liquid. As a result, the channels of the box get coked, the radiator gets clogged and the oil change in the automatic box shines on us even more often.

The oil filter in theory changes every 60 thousand km, but only if the fluid being replaced is not black and does not have a suspension in the form of chips. In practice, they try to change the filter along with the liquid.

What oil to fill in an automatic transmission, how much. Which filter to choose?

Picking oil for AT and buying the right filter and other consumables is no less important than following ATF replacement technology. Before you find out how much oil you need to change in the automatic transmission Octavia, let’s decide on the technology.

There are two options – full or partial replacement. A complete replacement is made in cases where the date of the previous replacement is unknown, or we do not know which oil is poured into the box.

For partial replacement we need 2-4 liters, and for full about 6.5-7.5 liters of ATF.

How to know the model of automatic transmission on the Octavia

тип акпп
Sticker with modification of the AT is glued to the front of the crankcase

Depending on the transmission model, the brand and specification of the oil and filter configuration may differ. For example, for Octavia A5 and all VAG cars with a 09G automatic, the original ATF oil code is G 055 025 A2. In order to find out the configuration code of the box and select the correct consumables, we only need to look at the bottom of the box and find the barcode sticker that indicates the configuration.

The code can also be found in the service book, but it’s more reliable to be 100% sure of this by looking at the box itself. The sticker is located on the front of the automatic transmission housing when looking towards the rear axle.

Choosing the right oil for automatic transmission Octavia A5

мобайл атф
The choice of many owners – Mobil ATF 3309

The price of the original liquid with the code G055025 A2 is biting. Therefore, having studied the tolerances for the Japanese AT Aisin, we conclude that any good ATF that meets the specifications of JWS3309 will suit us perfectly.

Here the choice expands. The best choice is Mobil ATF 3309. If we study the tolerances more closely, we find that Toyota fluids work well with this AT. For example, Toyota T-IV 08886-01705. Here are some more good ATFs for the Octavia A5:

  • Toyota ATF Type T-4;
  • SWAG 81 92 9934;
  • Castrol ATF Multivehicle.

You do not need to take risks and buy cheap ATF, you should buy oil for automatic transmission of a good brand and spend an extra couple of hundred, but be sure that the next replacement will not be earlier than 50 thousand miles.

Which automatic transmission filter to choose

фильтр акпп октавия
Automatic transmission filters 09G325429A and 09G325429

If we find out which index is in the automatic transmission on the Octavia, it will be easier to buy a filter, fully compatible. KGV and KGJ index AT theoretically require different filters, but in fact, they have exactly the same seat. Catalog numbers for these filters are 09G325429A for Octavia with 1.4 and 1.8 l engines (for automatic transmission KGV, KGJ, JUH, KPH) or 09G325429 for versions with 1.6 l engine (MFZ, KGG, QAW).

The only difference is that these filters have different heights and shapes of the oil pan and, in principle, are interchangeable, and high filter 09G325429 instead of low can be put completely painless.

акпп октавия а5
Scheme of automatic transmission Skoda Octavia A5

What spare parts are needed for replacement

Stopper with sealing ring

Here is a list of all consumables with catalog numbers needed to properly replace the Skoda Octavia ATF:

  1. Gasket (№6 in the drawing). For all modifications of 09G AT, the lining with catalog number 09G 321370 is suitable.
  2. Stopper with a seal ring (№14 and 15 in the drawing). Stoppers code WHT 000 310 A, but it must be changed according to the condition, for example, if a hexagon suddenly breaks. Gasket code – 09D 321 181B, but it must be changed, it is disposable.
  3. Eight bolts M 6x1x21 for fastening the pallet of a transmission (№ 5 according to the drawing). It is desirable to change each time the oil is changed, their code WHT 000 309.

For replacement, we will need containers for old fluid, preferably measured, as well as flushing fluid (e.g., Liqui Moly cleaning, price about $2.5) to clean the crankcase and stop areas. If all this is at hand, get to work.

Replacement of ATF in automatic transmission Skoda Octavia A5

The price of changing the automatic transmission oil on the Octavia depends on the level of service stations and can reach $35-50. This is the amount we will save now, not spending much time. We will change the oil by double replacement technology, which means that we will fill and drain twice, so we store 8 liters of ATF and start:

  1. Put the car on a trestle or lift.
  2. Use a hexagon 5 mm to unscrew the level check plug, then unscrew the measuring tube with the same key.
    Automatic transmission stoppers
  3. See how much oil is leaking. Approximately as much needs to be filled.
  4. Unscrew the tray, remove the filter. Work carefully, the oil cools down for a very long time.
    АКПП октавия
    Automatic transmission without filter, let the oil drain
  5. The result will be about 3.5 liters of ATF.
  6. Thoroughly clean the pallet, degrease the landing pads, clean the catching magnet.
    We change the old filter
  7. Lubricate the new gasket with new oil and install a new filter, then the tray.
  8. Fill with new liquid. There is no probe in this automatic transmission, so you will have to pour fresh oil with the device through the drain hole under pressure. The device can be made yourself, it is quite simple and looks like this.
    The stray looks scary, but he knows his business. Just fill the ATF into the bottle and inject pressure through the side nipple. The fluid will be pushed into the gearbox.
  9. We inject air into the tank with a compressor (or pump), do not forget to twist the measuring tube. Pour about as much oil as spilled out of the box.
  10. Start the engine, switch the selector of automatic transmission in various modes, drive liquid on a system of minutes 10-15.
  11. Drain the oil again, but do not remove the pan, just unscrew the plug and measuring tube. Will pour about 2.2-2.3 liters. Pour about 2.5 liters in the same way.
  12. Tighten the plug and the measuring tube.

How to set the oil level in the automatic transmission

vag com
VAG COM diagnostic cable

But that’s not all. We need to set the correct fluid level. And the level in our automatic transmission should be measured only at an oil temperature of exactly 45 degrees. Temperature can only be measured with a VAG diagnostic cable and special software on any computer.

An inexpensive VCDS 12.12 HEX CAN cable is suitable as an option. Connect the cable to the diagnostic connector and the laptop, then wait until the fluid temperature drops to 35 °C. Start the engine, unscrew the measuring plug and monitor the temperature according to the readings of the diagnostic cable.

As soon as the liquid warms up, it will start to flow out of the hole. It is important to tighten the level plug when the temperature reaches 45 °C. The level is set, the fluid is replaced by about 80-85%.

After changing the oil on the automatic transmission, its work will be softer and clearer, and the next change will be needed no earlier than 40 thousand miles. Good roads to all and an indestructible gearbox!

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