How to change the fluid in the Jatco JF010E CVT Nissan Murano Z51
How to change the fluid in the Jatco JF010E CVT Nissan Murano Z51

How to change the fluid in the Jatco JF010E CVT Nissan Murano Z51

Oil replacement in the variable transmission Jatco JF010E Nissan Murano Z51 can not be called particularly difficult, but responsible – it is undeniable. The fact that the CVT, installed on a large crossover, experiences significant stress and works on the worn lubricant is clearly not good for him. The price of CVT or the cost of repair can be approximately imagined and it is not in any comparison with the spent one and a half hours for fluid change with one’s hands.

When to change the oil in the transmission Jatco JF010E Nissan Murano Z51

Draining and refilling the CVT oil is a piece of cake. It is very important to follow the technology, to buy the right consumables and not to exceed the fluid change interval.

Regardless of the country of manufacture, year of manufacture of the car and model of a Nissan Murano CVT, the manufacturer recommends changing oil in the continuously variable transmission crossover with a 3.6-liter motor strictly according to the regulations – once every 60,000 km. However, many experienced drivers, as well as craftsmen involved in CVT repair, strongly recommend reducing the terms of replacement to at least 40,000 km.

замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурено
CVT Jatco JF010E

This is primarily due to the harsh operating conditions of the machine, in which even the best oil wears out twice as fast as prescribed in the operating instructions. In addition, any oil loses its characteristics, lubricating, flushing and cooling properties on contact with air, oxidizing.

Therefore even in the case when a Nissan Murano rests in a garage with new oil in a variable transmission for half a year, it will still wear out, losing its properties and changing its characteristics. Therefore the mileage here is not even as important as the time of replacement.

On average, according to reviews the owner of Nissan Murano Z51, Z50, Maxima, Altima and Renault Megane, Scenic, which are equipped with a CVT Jatco JF010E (another name RE0F09A/B) oil change is required after a mileage of 40,000 km maximum. The charging capacity of an empty CVT is 10.2 liters.

Jatco JF010E

Changing the oil in the CVT JF010E Nissan Murano Z51. Technology

For a successful oil change in the CVT Jatco JF010E Nissan Murano Z51 it is enough to have a standard set of tools, new oil and filters, a few containers for measuring the volume of waste and parts, which we will talk about in detail below.

In addition to the above tools and consumables, it would be nice to stock up on ethyl alcohol, about a liter, rags, and work should be carried out on a manhole or on a lift.

  1. Descend under the car and remove the crankcase pan protection, for the convenience of further removal of the fine filter, you need to remove the wheel from the driver’s side and unhook the four clips that hold a fragment of the underfender, and then remove it.
  2. Place a container under the CVT drain plug, unscrew the drain plug, and wait for about 5-5.5 liters of oil to drain from the crankcase.
  3. Loosen the screws fixing the variable speed gear tray and carefully remove it, there is still about 400-600 ml of fluid left in it.
    замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурено
  4. Clean the sump and don’t forget the catching magnets. All this should be degreased with ethanol and wiped dry, including the sump and crankcase mounting surface.
    замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурено
  5. Now let’s take care of the coarse filter, the grid. Unscrew the screws fixing it and remove it. Specialists strongly recommend changing the filter at every oil change, since in many cases it is impossible to clean the filter, which may lead to oil starvation in CVT. This may result in increased wear of elements of CVTs.
    замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано
  6. As a last resort, wash the coarse filter thoroughly with ethyl alcohol and put it back in place.

    замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано

  7. Install the new gasket and sump in place, and screw in the drain plug and gasket. It is highly recommended to use a new plug (Nissan part number 31377-31X06) and gasket (Nissan 11026-01M02).
    замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано
  8. Now the fine filter comes next. It is sold together with the housing, and if we have already removed a fragment of the underfender on the Nissan Murano Z51, it will be easy to get to it.
    замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано
  9. We take in our hands a small container so as not to spill residual waste from the filter and remove with pliers the clamps from the hoses, drain the remaining oil, unscrew the three bolts holding the filter housing and install the new one.
    замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано
  10. Install the hose to the connector with the arrow, the second hose, which goes from the radiator, leave alone for now.
  11. Pour about 5 liters of oil through the dipstick hole of the CVT. A funnel and hoses of suitable size can be used for this.
    замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано
  12. Under the second hose, which goes to the CVT radiator, put a transparent container of at least 5 liters in volume.
  13. Ask the assistant to start the engine and check the process of oil leakage, which was left in the radiator and oil ducts of CVT. About 5.3 liters of oil should leak out. Drain the fluid this way until fresh, clean, green oil will flow out of the hose into the container. After that turn off the engine.
  14. Pour about the same amount of oil into the CVT as was drained the second time. It is better to refill several times than to pump the oil out of the dipstick hole later.
  15. Start the engine, warm it up and check the oil level at idle with the engine warmed up. The normal oil level in the Nissan Murano Z51 CVT is in the middle of the sector of the dipstick with notches. If necessary, add oil in the same way.

After changing the oil we do a test drive and after 100-200 km check the oil level again.

What oil to pour into the Nissan Murano Z51 Jatco JF010E CVT

At different times, different variants of the Nissan Murano were fitted with different CVTs. This dictates the choice of fluids, components for replacement, their price and availability in the stores.

Nissan Murano crossovers with a 3.5-liter gasoline engine from 2002 to 2016 (Z50 and Z51 bodies) were equipped with Japanese Jatco JF010e continuously variable speed transmissions or by indexing Nissan RE0F09A/B. For these transmissions, Nissan CVT NS-1 is considered the original oil.

замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано

Nissan Murano Z50 and Z51 bodies with a 2.5L gasoline engine from 2002 to 2016 were fitted with the Jatco JF011e continuously variable transmissions. The original oil is considered NS-2 specification. By contrast, the Z52-bodied Murano was fitted with the Jatco JF017e continuously variable transmissions, which require NS-3 specification oil.

замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано

If everything is more or less clear with the original oils from Nissan (in pink and gray canisters KLE-50-00004, NS-1 or KLE52-00004-EU, NS-2), then you often have to buy oils from other manufacturers to optimize replacement costs:

list of fluids

In addition to the oil itself, it is necessary to change the gaskets. There are two types of Jatco JF010E CVTs:

  • 31397-1XD00 (313971XD00) — till 10.2006;
  • 31397-1XE0A (313971XE0A) — after 10.2006.

Non-original gaskets, which are cheaper than the original ones:

  • Precision 125500F;
  • ZZVF ZVEA71;
  • Deppul DEEA71;
  • Burjauto NS313971XE0A;
  • Concord F9GSK01AF.

замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано

The original filters have the catalog number Nissan 31728-1XD03, and the non-original filters, which are almost as good as the original ones:

  • Jatco F09-G28-403;
  • Transtar A33010G;
  • Precission 33010G;
  • Slauson F09 1052N;
  • Linesoon 73719.

замена масла в вариаторе ниссан мурано

Фильтры тонкой очистки масла для Nissan Murano Z51 необходимо покупать в сборе с корпусом, неразборные. Каталожный номер оригинала Nissan 31726-1XE0A, неоригинальный — Burjauto 31726-1XE0A.

So, we replaced the transmission fluid in the Nissan Murano Z51 on our own and saved approximately $200 to $300. That’s how much the change is priced at official service centers.

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