Power steering fluid change Dacia Duster, Logan, Sandero
Power steering fluid change Dacia Duster, Logan, Sandero

Power steering fluid change Dacia Duster, Logan, Sandero

The wear of the Renault/Dacia/Nissan hydraulic fluid is not as pronounced as oil wear. At the same time, it can cause as much trouble. Therefore, replacement of the power steering fluid in Dacia Duster, Logan and Sandero, at least periodic control of its condition is a necessary procedure.

When to change the power steering fluid Duster, Sandero, Logan


Manufacturers say that the oil in the steering mechanism does not need to be changed and it is filled for the entire life of the car. In reality, we are well aware that any operating fluid wears out – it oxidizes, gets dirty, and loses its properties. 

жидкость гур дастер рено

Experienced Renault owners recommend changing the oil in the hydraulic steering rack at least once every 4-6 years. 

At least, changing the fluid in the power hydraulic system once in 60 thousand kilometers will not hurt anyone. We also evaluate the condition of both the oil itself and the power booster:

  • darkening of fluid in the tank;
  • jerking and jamming during operation of the steering system;
  • rubbish in the filter;
  • the smell of burning in the area of the compressor or power steering tank;
  • noise, squealing when turning the steering wheel.

During work, the oil is subjected to constant compression and an increase in temperature. Over time, it burns out, loses its properties and can damage the mechanism. Therefore, it is better to change the blackened fluid with a flush. Otherwise, the dirt will spoil the power steering pump and put it out of working.

грязная жидкость гур
This fluid is about four years old and still retains its color.

What fluid to fill in the steering system of Dacia Duster, Sandero, Logan


Renault, Nissan, and Dacia use ATF, an oil that is applied in automatic transmissions. Not so long ago, we dealt with the intricacies of the use of ATF for automatic transmissions and steering. Elfmatic G3 red (mineral) or Elf Renaultmatic D3 (synthetic) is used on the assembly line.

Какое масло ГУР Рено Дастер, Сандеро, Логан

It is important to read the manufacturer’s recommendations, because Renault made different recommendations for the use of power steering oils in different years of production.

For example, since 2015, the factory recommended using Renaultmatic D2 mineral oil (catalog number 194735)

A line of other oils may also be used if a complete fluid change with a thorough flushing of the system is performed:

  • Mobil ATF 220 (320); 
  • Liqui Moly Top Tec;
  • Liqui Moly ATF 1100; 
  • Castrol ATF D2 (D3).

Какое масло лить в ГУР Рено Дастер, Сандеро, Логан

Renault Duster, Logan, Sandero steering rack (HSR) oil change


The power steering in all three Phase 1 cars is identical, so the replacement process looks the same. The HSR fluid change work can be divided into two main steps:

  • drainage of the old liquid;
  • new oil filling.

In practice, it looks like this.

How to drain the HSR fluid correctly


Using the example of Renault Logan phase 1 with an eight-valve engine:

Remove the plastic duct in front of the air filter housing to keep it out of the way.

Remove the metal clamps from the two hoses on the power steering tank. To do this, clamp the petals and pull the clamps back to the middle of the hoses.

Замена масла ГУР Renault Duster, Logan, Sandero

Dismantle the power steering tank. To do this, grasp it with both hands and pull it upwards. It should disengage from the metal bracket.

замена жидкости гур рено

Place a large container in the engine compartment under the tank to catch the waste fluid and remove one of the hoses. Drain the oil into this container. A cut-off five-liter bottle or a canister of suitable volume will work well.

замена жидкости гур рено

Once the fluid from the reservoir is drained, it can be removed from the hoses, set aside and rinsed well of any remaining oil. Then, drain the remaining fluid from the hoses.

Inside the tank is a grid, which should also be flushed and, if necessary, replaced.

замена жидкости гур рено

Without starting the engine, turn the steering wheel from one limit position to the other, draining the remaining fluid into a container. Turn until the oil stops flowing out. You won’t be able to drain it all out. Some will stay in the system.

Measure the volume of old fluid.

Pouring oil into the power steering tank of Renault Duster without mistakes


After draining the waste, you need to pour the same amount of new fluid, and when flushing the system, you need to let the engine run, drain again and pour more fresh ATF. As a rule, it is necessary to pour about 800-900 grams in the process of replacement.

замена жидкости гур рено

Order of action:

Reinstall the clean tank with the cleaned mesh. To do this, put on the hoses and fix the clamps. The tank must be reinstalled.

замена жидкости гур рено

Fill with new fluid up to the maximum level.

Turn the steering wheel from one end position to the other. At this point, the level in the tank should drop.

Now you need to fill up the fluid to the normal level and repeat the procedure of turning the steering wheel. 

замена жидкости гур рено

If the level has dropped, bring it back to the normal mark.

фильтр гур рено

New fluid must be filled by removing the screen from the tank. The mesh is needed to clean the fluid inside the system, not when filling. 

фильтр гур рено

Close the cover, start the engine and turn the steering wheel from one position to the other. 

Install the mesh with the engine running. To do this, unscrew the cap, insert the mesh, close the cap and repeat the procedure by turning the steering wheel. 

бачок гур рено

The fluid level in the power steering tank may change. Don’t forget to refill it!

Tips for using the Renault and Dacia power steering


Many drivers wipe the reservoir cap as dust often settles on it. Dust accumulation is not a sign of malfunction related to fogging. Doing so is categorically not recommended. 

The problem is that there is a breather inside the cover, through which the air comes out when the booster is running. The air is naturally oily. 

пробка гур

When the driver wipes dust on the cap, some of it gets into the tank and causes pollution of the system. Experienced drivers and craftsmen advise removing the cap and cleaning the cap valve and tank body at least once a year.

очистка бачка гур рено

Do not hold steering wheel in the end position for more than 10 seconds. This has a devastating effect on pump function and quickly puts the fluid out of service. In this mode, the pressure in the system increases, squeezes gaskets, pipes and spoils the fluid, because under high pressure it begins to overheat.


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